Thursday, May 26, 2011

My funny pictures

This is so interesting guys! If you love taking pictures and don't know how to edit them to make your pictures funny or look great, try this funny photo effects online. I'm telling you! You will enjoy it. It's so fun that I forgot that it's already too late to sleep. Can you imagine this cutie doll with some coffee and snacks? Funny Pictures

That pictures of coffee and snacks is taken by me and I used the photo funny effect so it looks fun and wonderful. Isn't it interesting? And look at the picture posted on the wall behind Mr. President. Again, that's the picture of korean snacks and the coffee that I had with my hubby.
Funny Pictures

Haha! Is there anything that is more interesting than editing your picture in a very simple way? Just click the design that you'd like and choose your picture on the net and that's all! Get your picture done.

And here's another one. I think this one looks like a commercial. A coffee commercial endorsing by a beautiful lady. It looks nice! I love it!

Funny Pictures

And now, I also love to make funny pictures online. It's great!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shabu Shabu

It's not a medicine but it's food. It's delicious food that Korean enjoy called Shabu shabu. It's a beef with different kinds of vegetables. First you boil the beef stock then put the vegetables like mushrooms, chinese cabbage, etc. and the beef.

When it is soft, you can get the vegetables of beef and dip it with sauce. When there's no more meat, you can put the noodles and dumplings.

And last, remove some soup and leave a little which is just enough for the rice and egg, then mix to make a porridge or fried rice. It's up to you whatever you like.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Duck Porridge

There's an interesting site online where you can get discounts to the restaurants when you buy online. Mostly, they give 50% discount. It depends on which restaurants are available on that day. Oh, it's not day, you have to check the internet at 12m.n. because the events starts on midnight. The restaurants changed everyday so you have to check out your favorite restaurants. Or you can just check out and choose the food that you want to eat. It doesn't matter when you want to go to the restaurant. My hubby said it takes about 2 months. So, if you choose the food and pay online, then you can go to the restaurant anytime. When you pay, you can just tell your name at the restaurant because they have the list of the people who ordered online.

It's our second time to use the groupon and we were happy with the restaurants that we've chosen. This one is duck porridge. It's too big for us. It's 3kgs. so even if we didn't have breakfast, we couldn't eat all.

Here's the rice use for porridge. After eating the duck soup, then we can make porridge. But the duck is too big so we couldn't eat the rice. I just had the seeds, chestnuts, beans, etc.

Btw, it's better to make a reservation before you go to the restaurant because some of them have many customers because of the event and you have to wait for a long time.

Get Instant Cash

I heard many people said that life is difficult. The prices of goods is getting high but the salary never increased. I understand! I can relate because I used to work in a company with a low income and when the salary day came, I had to pay all my credits. Nothing will be left in my pocket so I needed to borrow again the next day after my salary. There were times that the salary wasn't enough to pay all the credits. It was always like that. Most of us, including most of my co-workers were expecting to get an instant cash advance to supply our needs.

But I think life is not as tough as before because you can get instant cash advance online. You don't need to be shy to tell your boss that you need to get some cash advance because you can just do it online. Just complete the online application and you can get from $500-$1,500. It depends on how much you want to borrow. As long as you have a job, you can get loan no matter how much and how bad your credit is. Check it out if you need cash fast. You will be approved easily and your money will be deposited in your bank account quickly.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food at the Wedding Reception

It was my hubby's cousin's wedding last week. There were lots of food at the reception. I think they chose the expensive buffet-style for the reception. There were lots of side dishes and mostly delicious. But you know, it's hard to eat much when you can see lots of food.

Anyway, here's my second plate..haha..yes second plate but I don't get much. Just a little because I'm shy to put lots of food on my plate. I took some pork, sushi, etc.

And here's the dessert. It's for me and for my hubby.

And the korean traditional drink, sujonggwa.