Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Boneless Chicken in glutinous rice

Dalk Gangjong or boneless chicken covered with starch of glutinous rice in sweet and spicy sauce is what we ordered for todays weekend meal. Every weekend, if not pizza we usually order chicken. I think because of the booklet menu we have because most of the restaurants written in the booklet are chicken resstaurants or pizza restaurants. We tried different kinds of chicken menu and my hubby didn't know what to order so we tried this dalk gangjong.

My hubby doesn't like eating chicken with bones so he thinks this sweet and spicy boneless chicken is better. But I still prefer to eat fried chicken. I guess my hubby won't order this menu anymore. It's yummy but I think it's a little greasy compare to the other chicken that we usually order. Also, it's mild. It's not as savory and tasty like some other chicken menus.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Potato Cake

Whenever I buy cake, when it's not chocolate cake it's sweet potato cake. I thought it was strange to put sweet potato in a cake and for me sweet potatoes are not that special for me it's because I had too much sweet potato way back home. We don't buy sweet potatoes in my country, when we have at home, we usually receive them from my relatives who have farm or from my neighbors. But here in Korea, we can't never receive from neighbors, you have to buy them from the supermarket for a very high price.

One day, while I was looking for our anniversary cake, the saleslady recommended me the sweet potato cake because they were out of chocolate cake. They only had icing cake but my hubby doesn't like icings so I didn't want to disappoint her and besides I was curious about the taste so since then when I buy cake, if it's not chocolate cake, then it's sweet potato cake.

So on our last anniversary, that was a few days ago, I bought this sweet potato cake because we still have some chocolate ice cream.

The cake has sweet potato toppings and the bread is inserted with ground potatoes so it has sweet and soft taste.

I can't never have this taste if I didn't come here in Korea. Koreans believe that sweet potatoes are good for our health so they are trying to make different kinds of menus made of sweet potatoes. And I'm a big fan of sweet potato cake and pizza.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Corn Pizza

My co-worker ordered 2 boxes of pizza and she gave me a slice of it. The pizza was yummy because of the corn so I asked her what flavor and brand of pizza it is so she said it's corn pizza from the shop name School Pizza. She said a box of pizza is only $5. Wow~ it's too cheap and it's really yummy. Much delicious than the other brand of pizza that I know.

When I came home, I told my hubby about the pizza and he said there's no School Pizza in my area so we can't order some here. When I went to my mother in law's house, I saw the pizza store and I told my hubby to pull over the car and I bought this corn pizza.

My hubby also said that it's yummy. My hubby is picky when it comes to food and he doesn't like fastfood much. He ordered some fastfood because of me. He only eats some and never eats the left over but in this corn pizza, he ate 3 slices and had another one from the left over.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Green Tea Ice Cream

They say ice cream is more delicious in winter. I think so but I'm worried that I could get cold. But when I went to the supermarket I saw that a gallon of ice cream is buy one take one so I bought a gallon of chocolate mousse and took another green tea ice cream. I thought green tea ice cream is a little bit strange but I was wrong. It's more delicious than my favorite chocolate mousse flavor. It's more creamy and soft. And I made it more yummy by putting some cheese and prunes on top. It's the left over from my fruit salad.

Look! Doesn't it look so yummy? My hubby was looking for this ice cream a few days later but I had it all so he ate the chocolate mousse instead.

Note: I had to wear scarf when I ate ice cream in order not to get cold. And eventhough it's yummy, I tried not to eat much. It took me a few days to eat the gallon of ice cream.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pork Cutlet or Donkas

Pork Cutlet or Donkas in korean word is another food that is worth to try in Korea. Not only Koreans love the food but also most foreigners if not all. You can order donkas in some Chinese restaurants, kimbap (sushi) restaurants but it's not as delicious as that one where they only serve pork cutlet as their specialty. There's an advertisement posted at the elevator about this new pork cutlet restaurant so we decided to visit it and had this.

It doesn't only look delicious but also the taste. It has soft and crispy taste. The pork cutlet looks more special because of its desserts or dishes surrounded to it. There are fruits, salads, sandwich, sweet corn and rice. I think they are perfect combination for donkas rather than kimchi.

What I like the most is this cream soup. The food that I always expect the most when I go to restaurants. I just wish that all restaurants serve this kind of soup. It's my favorite. Donkas is delicious but I prefer cream soup.