Sunday, October 20, 2013

Famous Walnut Snacks

Whenever we go to my in-laws house which take about four hours drive, we usually stop over to resting area twice or three times to take a rest and buy something to eat. I usually buy coffee, dried octopus, and when I'm hungry and stopped at Cheonnan, I always buy walnut snack. Walnut snack looks like walnut with bean paste and some walnuts inside. Cheonan Walnut Snack is very famous in Korea. The walnut snacks in cheonan are the best, I think. They are also famous as presents.

Here's the walnut snack that is bought in Cheonan resting area. It's just 3,000 won (around $3). They are yummy no wonder they are famous. They are more delicious than other walnut snacks that I've tasted so far. When you start to taste them, you will never like the taste of the ones that are sold in the street specially downtown. They are incomparable.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Famous Daejigalbi Restaurant

According to the sign that was hanging at the entrance door, the restaurant will be closed soon so we decided to have some before it will be closed. It's a restaurant in front of our building. We've been there several times. The restaurant serves delicious daejigalbi. It was very famous before but now we realized why it's closing now. Everything is getting expensive so they increased their prices but still the meat is not as much as before. An order of meat is not enough for each person.

Here's the two orders of meat. It's not enough for two people and the meat is a little bit different.

The vegetables use to wrap the meat. Vegetables are also expensive so I understand why it's better to close than to run it without any profit. You can't just increase the price or you will lose some customers. They don't go if they think if it's expensive. They can't even decrease the amount of meat or even vegetables. Vegetables and side dishes can be refilled.

The sauce for the meat.

I feel so sorry to the owner of the shop because the restaurant is not running now and it's for rent. But I think it made a lot a few years ago. It's where we usually bring our visitors at home so the owner knows us a lot. We were regular customers of that restaurant. And on our last day of dining out there, the owner told my hubby the reason of closing his business. He just said that he wants to take a rest but I think the reasons are the ones that I've mentioned above. Those are just my point of views but I guess I'm right. What do you think?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Philippine Bananas and Pineapples

As we know, Philippines is famous for its mangoes, bananas and pineapples. If we go to the supermarket, we'll see that the bananas and pineapples they sell are from the Philippines. They are my hubby's favorites. The food that he usually eats when he visits the Philippines. They are his favorite fruits even here in Korea so I usually buy bananas when I go to the supermarket.

Bananas are expensive here but at night, they are on sale so I always buy them at night. Here are the bananas that are imported from the Philippines.

Then we went out and on our way home, we saw a truck selling some pineapples in the street. Again, they are dole pineapples. Another fruits from the Philippines. When it comes to pineapples and bananas, dole and del monte and famous in the country. I bought two pineapples. They are cheap but the problem is, I don't know how to peel them. I've never tried to peel pineapples so I think I will have a hard time peeling them.

I'd rather buy pineapples in can. They are not fresh but we can drink pineapple juice, too.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pizza and Cheese Spaghetti

It's another lazy weekend so it's another food that has been delivered at home. Pizza and Cheese Spaghetti. My hubby always says that it's not good for our health but sometimes I have to choose the food to it. I always yield for the food but sometimes my hubby asked me what to eat and he allows me to order what I want.

While thinking what kind of pizza to order, I saw the cheese spaghetti looks delicious in the picture so I decided to order the set of pizza and spaghetti. I've just made carbonarra spaghetti last weekend but this cheese spaghetti looks yummy so I craved for another kind.

Here's the pizza. I only had a slice and three slices for hubby.

I had most of the spaghetti. My hubby doesn't like spaghetti much.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yummy Homemade Korean Sherbet

We were bored and couldn't sleep so we took a walk and on our way home, we saw a bakery and decided to have cheese cake and patbingsu or Korean sherbet. We were so disappointed with the $5 sherbet because it tastes like ground ice with condensed milk, a little rice cake and beans. So when I went to the supermarket, I decided to buy sugared beans and kernel corn in can. I put some milk in the freezer and let it froze. Then I ground the frozen milk, if you don't have grinder, you can use fork like I do. Put the frozen milk in the big bowl. Let it melt a little so it will be softer and easy to prick with fork to make ice sherbet. Then put some condensed milk, sugared beans, kernel corn and cereals. That's it! The yummy homemade korean sherbet or patbingsu is done!

Cheese Cup Noodles

Except from Kimchi, Korea is also famous for its noodles. Most of their noodles are too spicy. I've been living in Korea for more than 10 years but I've never seen cheese noodles until I saw a program on TV where they indorse some famous food in a convenience store. They said they are the most popular food in the stores and some people don't know about them. I don't go to convenience store except when I go with my hubby when he buys cigars. We have a supermarket just in front of my apartment building so I don't need to go to convenience store.

I got interested in the one of the food that they show, the Cheese Cup Noodles. I love cheese and I wonder what it tastes in noodles. At first I thought it's yucky because cheese and noodles don't sound good to be blended. But still, I want to try it. So when my hubby went to the market, he bought a cup noodles for me. He tasted it and he didn't like it much but for me, it's really yummy!

Here's what it looks like. Doesn't it look yummy?

Like regular cup noodles, just pour some hot water in your noodle, put the seasonings and when it's readyor when the noodle is soft, put the cheese and mix it. Wow! Try it! You may like it too if you like cheese.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Korean Giant Pears

Last Chuseok, we visited my parents-in-law's house and they gave us some dishes and fruits when we came back home. The pears were too big. I've seen lots of big pears but I think these pears are the biggest that I've seen so far. I had a hard time peeling it because it was a little bit heavy to carry. I put it down twice before I peeled one. We usually eat different kinds of fruits or two pears when I don't have another fruit when I serve pears but this time I only served only a pear. Just one pear but there were still 3 slices left.

Here's the pear. It doesn't look big in this picture.

Also Korean pears look much different from other countries that are green and oval. Korean pears are yellow and round. So when I showed my students the picture of foreign pears, they don't know what kind of fruit it is. And they are surprise when I tell that it's a pear because theirs are different.

Korean pears are also delicious specially those that are grown fron Naju, a small city in Jeolla Province. Naju Pears are very famous all around the country. They are the best pears in Korea.

And these Korean Giant Pears that I'm talking about are from Naju. I just said Giant Pears because they are too big. Here's the pear after I peeled and sliced one.