Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Jjukumi or octopus are my hubby's favorite. He enjoys them even if they are fresh or boiled. They are too expensive but it worths it because seeing my hubby eating makes me feel so happy. You have no idea how he likes them. I sometimes buy them at the supermarket but usually my mother in law buys for us. She knows how my hubby loves them. Everytime we visit her specially when we go there to have meal with her, she usually prepares jjukumi.

Here are some jjukumi that my mother in law gave us.

I washed them well and boiled some water. When the water was boiling, I put the octopus and removed from the boiling water after a few minutes then drained. Just as easy as that!

Then prepared my hubby's favorite sauce, the chokochujang or vinegared red paper paste.


Start a Business

It has been years since I have thought of opening a business. At first, I was thinking of hamburgers restaurant like the famous fastfoods around the world but it isn't too easy. It needs a lot of requirements and financial. Then after living here in Korea for several years, I found out that vending machine services is a great business. You don't have to hire workers. You don't need to work, manage and work it all day because you can just leave the machine in the area and you're free to do everything you want. I really think it's a good business specially to those busy people who don't have time to manage their work. And way back home, I've never seen vending machines specially in my town that's why I'm thinking of the machines as a great business.

There are lots of vending machines here in Korea but I've never seen a snack machine. Most machines that I've seen are coffee, cold drinks, and books machines that's why I got an idea that a snack machine is a wonderful business because most kids, teenagers and even adults love eating snacks. Oh well, how much do I need to start with this vending machine business? I wish I'm living in Greely, Co or any part of Colorado so I can start with my business instantly because Quench offers free vending machine and you can earn 10% as a commission. Even if you don't have money, you can start your own business. It's easy! So grab now if you're living in Colorado!

For more information, please visit Quench and start your own business. So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss the opportunity! Check it out now!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jjajang and Champeong Rice

I don't wanna cook anything so I asked my hubby what he wanted to eat. He said he didn't have anything in mind so I checked the food book and order this jjajangpap (black noodles with rice) and champeongpap (noodles with seafoods and rice). I didn't expect much about this food because I know that it's not as good as the famous chinese restaurants that we usually go to but there's nothing wrong in trying. What if it's delicious? At least we don't have to drive for almost an hour to eat Chinese food, right?

Well, here's what we ordered.

You can choose two menus in one order so I chose "fried rice" and "sweet and sour pork" (tangsuyug) and the other one is "jjajang and champeong". Oh well, my expectation wasn't wrong. It wasn't delicious. What can we expect more with the cheap dish? It's just worth the money. All I can say is, I will never order this kind of food in this restaurant anymore. Never!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pizza Maru

Pizza Maru is one of the most famous pizza franchise restaurant in Korea. It's the pizza shop that is close to my apartment. It's just across the street, about 3 minutes on foot. Like Nanta Pizza, pizza maru is also cheap and I think healthier because of its green tea well-being dough.

I usually order sweet potato pizza but this time, I tried to order this steak and cheeze pizza. It's also yummy but still I prefer sweet potato.

Bread is too expensive so sometimes I prefer to buy pizza than bread because it's more delicious and fun. Why is it fun? Because the feeling is different when you see a box of pizza than a loaf of bread.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There is a new restaurant booklet hanging at our door so I checked it and found kanpunggi. Kanpunggi is chicken fried with flour and seasoned with spicy sauce. I used to order kanpunggi but a few months ago, I tried to call the restaurant several times and it seems like the restaurant has been closed. After seeing the Kanpunggi, I told my hubby to try it so we ordered a small size of it and we weren't disappointed for trying it. It's much more delicious than the kanpunggi restaurant where we used to order. Now I understand why my students recommended me to eat kanpunggi which I've never heard before. I knew the menu from them but I was upset when I first tried it. I think it's the reason why the kanpunggi where I used to order was bankrupted. You know what I mean?

Anyway, this kanpunggi is really delicious. Just the way I like it. It's sweet, spicy and crunchy. Now I prefer to order kanpunggi than chicken because of this.

Doesn't it look yummy? It's also healthy because it has lots of bell peppers and onions so I sometimes eat it with the vegetables. The salad is also delicious. Btw, salad in Korea is an appetizer and not dessert. If you go to the restaurant salad is always the first one to be served. So Koreans eat salad first before rice and the main dish.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kimchi Bossam

When I'm tired from work and don't like to feel like cooking, I usually order some food. Also, if I want to be free from cooking specially on weekends or just craving for something yummy, I also pick the restaurants booklet and dial the number.

Today, we decided to have kimchi bossam. Kimchi Bossam is pork eaten with sweet and fresh kimchi. The kimchi is newly-made and it is sweeter than the normal kimchi. Like samgyopsal, kimchi bossam is also eaten with vegetables. Get a piece of lettuce leaf, put some pork, garlic and chilli pepper dipped with seasoned bean paste, and then kimchi and wrap.

Kimchi Bossam usually comes with bibim kuksu (noodles mixed with hot chilli pepper and some vegetables) for appetizer.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Home made Starbucks Coffee

There are lots of franchise coffee shop in Korea and most of them like starbucks are expensive. Coffee is more delicious in winter and I can't spend around $5 for coffee everyday. I can't start work without a cup of coffee everyday so I drink coffee at work but I think having coffee with my husband at home is the most relaxing time on weekends so I thought of making delicious coffee at home. Of course, it's not as yummy and healthy like starbucks, holly, cafe bene, etc. but at least it's also tasty and much cheaper.

Here's how I make my semi-starbucks coffee. All I need is cappuccino mix and whipping cream. You can get them at e-mart or home plus if you wanna try it for yourself.

Put the cappuccino mix in a cup.

Pour some boiled water.

Put some whipping cream on top.

Enjoy the delicious and special home-made coffee.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Macaroni Salad in Korea

I saw a picture of macaroni salad on the internet so I suddenly craved for it. I searched on some recipes and I found out that each chef has its own recipes. It just depends on what kind of ingredients to put and which taste each and everyone prefers so I got an idea. I tried to make my own recipe. I just used the leftover ingredients when I made fruit salad but instead of condensed milk, I put mayonnaise which I think one of the most important ingredients in making macaroni salad. I mean mayonnaise is one of the ingredients that can't be removed. When I first came here in Korea, I always asked my family back home to send me some cheese and macaroni when I crave for salad but then I found out that I could also get them in big stores like home plus or e-mart.

Here are the ingredients that when I made macaroni salad. The fruit cocktail, raisins and cheese are leftovers when I made fruit salad so I only bought mayonnaise and conchiglie macaroni shells.

I boiled macaroni and when the shells are soft, I put all the above ingredients together in a big bowl and mixed. Btw, put some mayonnaise in a small bowl and season it with vinegar, sugar, and a little salt. I don't measure when I make some food so you have to follow your taste. In my case, I put more sugar because I like sweet food.

Here's how I made my macaroni salad.

Ready to be refrigerated.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fruit Salad in Korea

We can't deny that we sometimes crave our native food. I've been staying here in Korea for more than 10 years and I already get used of eating Korean food. I rarely crave food back home usually when I just see some of it on the internet. What I always crave for is salad and fruit salad is my favorite. At first I gave up making some salad because I don't know where to get the ingredients that I need. Besides, it's expensive if I go to a store where I can get products made from my country.

But not anymore because I made my own salad which ingredients are from Korean products. Here's what you need. Raisins (Konpodo in korean), condensed milk (yonyu), fruit cocktail (you can get it at homeplus or e-mart), and sliced cheddar cheese (it's hard to get the not sliced ones). Here's what all you need.

All you have to do is to remove some of the syrup from the fruit cocktail. Then add the rest of the ingredients. You can add depends on which you like the most. In my case, I add much cheese because I'm a cheese lover. What I do is to put 3 slices of cheese together to make them thick and cut them into cubes. My hubby likes raisins or dried grapes so I put much of it. Just mix everything and put in the refrigerator.

Ready to be refrigerated.

The pictures above was eaten in one serve. My hubby and I had it the day after it was refrigerated so I made another one. Here's what I made for the second time. It must be put in the freezer but my hubby told me not to in the fridge because it's winter and he doesn't like to eat it with ice. Besides, it won't take long and we can eat it in a day or two and he was right.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Potato Pizza

I don't like sweet potatoes much but when it comes to pizza and cake, I prefer to eat sweet potato flavor. I think sweet potato pizza is more delicious than meat or vegetables.

I ordered this sweet potato pizza last weekend from Maru Pizza which is just across my apartment building. At first, they don't deliver but later on they do but you will be charged 2,000won more for the delivery fee. I think it's expensive so when I order I call first and pick it up afer 10 minutes.

I ordered pizza and added potato mousse for only 1,000won because sweet potato pizza is more delicious with sweet potato mousse. Here's the pizza.

When you order pizza in Korea, it always comes with pickles. If you want hot sauce and garlic sauce, you have to pay additional for that. Also, pizza is not complete without softdrinks so you can also order a liter of softdrinks at the restaurant and bring home.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rawfish in Water Soup

We went to Namhae because my hubby wanted to eat oysters. But we couldn't find any oyster restaurant so instead of going home disappointed, we decided to have mulhui or water rawfish or rawfish in water soup. As you can see, it's dry because it has lots of ice. The soup will appear after the ice melted.

There are two restaurants near the ferry terminal and we're glad that we chose the right one. For only 13,000 won each order, you will be satisfied with the taste and the amount of food. My hubby was so happy. He said it's much better than the mulhui that we had in Kangwondo which is famous with water rawfish.

With the 13,000 won rice and noodles are included. You can mix it with water raw fish.

It's not only the food that we like but also the place. The restaurant is clean.

Actually, it's a motel upstairs so if you wanna spend the night at Namhae, I think it's also the best place for you. It has a nice view of the sea and ferry terminal.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nanta Pizza and Chicken

My hubby came from work with this Nanta Pizza and Chicken. Cool! I'm so hungry so he came on time with pizza and chicken. I was about to cook noodles to obey my hunger but he came before I moved from my seat. It's really great to have this kind of fast food on weekend when the weather is cold and when you're lazy to move from lying on the sofa while watching TV.

Good job my dearest hubby! I'll help myself with this pizza and chicken.

Here! Would you like some?

Adults Only

Be careful before you open the links because when you watch a movie, you can see x-rated but as you can see, the pictures are triple x or xxx. You need extra care when open them.

It's triple x so it's absolutely related to sex. You will be surprised with the pictures. I don't know if you've ever seen this pussy pictures before. I'm warning you! You must be over 18 years old to open the links.

Congrats if you're 18 years old and above because you can have fun watching the pictures. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live Octopus

Live octopus are famous for fingerfood specially when people drink soju. My hubby doesn't drink but it's his favorite. Not so many foreigners can eat live octopus but I do. I learned to eat them when I was working at the institute and my boss ordered some live octopus while we were drinking soju. Everyone was eating so I tried a piece of leg. The leg was still moving and I was a little scared to put it in my mouth but I tried. I just thought that I had to eat because everybody was eating. Besides if I would live here in Korea with my Korean husband, I had to learn to eat everything that koreans eat. So I bravely put the moving piece of an octopus leg in my mouth. It stuck on my tongue so I bit it many times but I felt that the more bite I did, the more legs stuck on my tongue so I swallowed it instead. Again, it almost stuck on my throat. I was scared but luckily after trying to eat some other food on the table, it went throughout my stomach. I felt relieved. Since then, when my hubby eat some live octopus I also eat with him and now I can eat as much as my hubby does. Sometimes I eat more than him because I heard that they are good for our health specially for the skin.

Here's the picture of live octopus that we had in my hubby's aunt's house. Hubby's aunt lives near the sea and everytime we visit her, she serves live octopus and raw fish for my hubby because she knows that they're my hubby's favorites.

Dip the octopus with sauce like salt with sesame seeds and sesame oil or chokochujang or vinegared chilli pepper paste.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Eye Treatment

Somebody called to my hubby and he said that he has to go to the police station. He wondered why then he found out that his driver's license needs to be changed. He asked everything what he needed to do and how much money does he need to get a new license. He was told to go to the police station and hospital to find out if he has a physical problem and the most important thing to be checked are his eyes. Of course most Koreans wear glasses and I think most of them have eye problems. My hubby also wears glasses but he hasn't worn them for a long time. Actually, I had a hard time finding them this afternoon because he said he might wear them to cure his eyes even for a short time. It's not surprising to Korean kids wearing glasses. I don't know what seems to be the problem is but I think it's because they study until late at night and they use much computer. And that's one thing for sure. They use computer much specially computer games. Some of them needed to get Lasik Eye Surgery. It's the best thing to do I know because glasses disturb their studies.

I think I also use much computer now a days that's why I feel that my eyes are also getting blurred. Sometimes tears suddenly fell down and it seems that they are dirty. Just in case that I can have an eye problem, I prefer to have a Lasik Surgery than to wear glasses or contact lenses. I just can't cover my eyes, they are my only assets.

If you want to get eye treatment, check out this Lasik Eye to get lots of information.

Craving Korean Food

We traveled for almost a month and we enjoyed the view but not the food. We had much beef in Canada which is so cheap. It's almost 5 times cheaper than in Korea. My hubby loves beef but of course we can't live with beef alone. He misses Korean food so he made a list of food that he wanted to eat. Now, that we are here in Korea, he's enjoying eating Korean food. My mother in law bought Red Combo Chicken from Gyocheon Chicken, my sister in law bought tangsuyug, jjajangmyeon and champeong, we had samgyopsal, raw fish, etc. What he loves the most is the side dishes. He misses eating different kinds of food served on the table during meals.

Ahhh, Korean food is really good and healthy food!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Save More

Whenever I go to the supermarket, I always check the coupons that are posted in front of the entrance door. I always feel upset because the products that I always want to buy don't have any discount coupons. Is it always a coincidence or they always give discount coupons to the products that can't be sold or people that are not interested of. I'm just surprised on what the Expedia coupon code 2012 offered. It's hard to believe that the offered lots of coupons from electronics, garden, flight, hotels, etc. I think it has everything you need. It's the one that I'm looking for.

If you are interested, check out http://www.geekalerts.com/expedia-coupons/ to save more when you shop online. It's easy! Just enter the coupon code before you submit your order and voila, you can already get your discount! I'm sure you will love it like I do! You can't imagine how much discount you could so it's better to check it right away.

I have one more good news for you. Check out the Deals2 and you will be surprised on what they offer. It's unbelievable!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cham ui (melons)

I suddenly miss cham ui or melons in Korea. I can't wait to eat this melons when I go back to Korea. They are also my hubby's favorite fruits. He can eat three or more melons in one sit. I can also eat as much as he does but I'm worried of my diet. The melons are so sweet and juicy that's why you can't stop when you start to eat them unless if you are watching your diet.

I don't know when the right time to see them in the store. I think it's during spring if I'm not mistaken. So it's already spring in Korea and I'm sure I can have a taste of them. You know Koreans always eat fruits after meals. So whatever season fruits is in the store, most houses have also that kind of fruits.

Well, I bought this melons at the fruit stand when I was in Korea. I just saw this draft on my homepage so I have thought of posting about it. Besides, I really miss eating this fruits.

Give the best for her

When we visited Queen Elizabeth Park yesterday, we saw a group of people and two of them were wearing wedding attire. Yes, the couple are getting married in one of the most beautiful park in Canada. While watching them taking wedding photos, I imagined how the guy proposed to her. Did he kneel down and gave her the Hearts on fire? You know, the one of the most famous diamond online. Did he also prepared lots of balloons and flowers in the same park? Ahhh, I can imagine how romantic the proposal was. It seems that the groom gave his best to win the heart of his bride.

When I see people getting married, I always think of wedding rings. What kind of wedding rings do they have and what kind of ring did the guy give when he proposed to her. How many carats and what kind of diamond is it? Is it princess cut diamonds 1,2 carat diamonds which I always want to have? Or just a simple one like my father in law bought for us when we get married. Would you believe me if I will say that I also have a set of diamonds? A ring, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. Too bad that I lost the bracelet because it was a little big for me. I cried a lot when I lost it and I sometimes go the jewelry shop to find the one that is similar to that bracelet. Who knows somebody found it and sold it in the shop? Actually, until now, nobody knew that I lost it except my husband because he saw me crying. That was very important to me because it was a present from my in-law. Well, let's forget about it! I'm just thinking about it again and I'm feeling very sad.

Anyway, diamonds are the best gift or loveones but if you don't have enough money right now, you can still give the best for her. The wedding bands singapore are also great presents for your loveone. Then, just think about the diamond when you live together and after saving enough for it. Diamond is always a great and romantic present for someone. It's always a very touching scene to see couples giving and receiving diamonds. So, if you're thinking of giving a diamond check out the links that I've given above. There are different kinds and types of diamonds to choose from. Ladies, if you want one, check out the site and give him a sign.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hallasan Soju

My hubby and I don't drink but when my hubby bought raw fish and oysters, they give him soju or korean alcohol for free. They gave him Hallasan Soju, the famous alcohol in Jeju Island. It came from the famous mountain in Jeju Island called Mt. Halla or Hallasan in Korean. "San" means mountain in english.

Don't forget to try Hallasan Soju if you visit Jeju Island. It tastes milder than other soju. The taste wasn't strong enough so I tried 3 shots in a soju cup but then I felt so dizzy. The mild taste doesn't mean that it's not strong enough to make you feel dipsy.

Oh, that's my cup and I just drank less than half of the bottle but I felt dizzy so I threw away the rest of the alcohol. Nobody will drink anyway.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home-made Spaghetti

It's my first time to make spaghetti at home. I never tried to make before. First, I don't know how to make sauce. Second, I don't know which sauce in the supermarket is better. Third, my hubby doesn't like spaghetti much. But I think it's time to make spaghetti because the guy next door gave us this 3 bottles of Rose Spaghetti Sauce. He was going to another City and my hubby was kind to drive him to the terminal so he gave the sauce to him with some of some grocery products.

I bought sausages and spaghetti noodles the next day so I made spaghetti. I can say that it's not bad at all.

I realized that it's not hard to make spaghetti at home. It's so easy. Just boil some water and put some salt. When it is boiled put some noodles and wait for 10 minutes. Remove water from the noodles and put some olive oil on the fry pan, fry sausages and put some sauce. After few minutes put the noodles and mix well. That's it! As easy as can be!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Myeongpum Chicken

When I first came in Jeju Island, I laughed at the chicken shop named Myeongpum Chicken which means Find Article Chicken, Brand Chicken or chicken with a name. I thought it was so funny because I know lots of famous chicken restaurants like BHC, Nene Chicken, Mexicana Chicken, Pelicana Chicken, Gyocheon Chicken, BBQ Chicken, etc. (too many to mention) but this myeongpum chicken is new to me. Besides its name is Brand name so I wondered if it's really delicious as the ones that I've mentioned above. Anyway, my hubby also thought that the name is just a Brand name but it's not a shop with a brand name anyway. So we never tried to order in that restaurant.

But when my brother in law came to visit us, he mentioned about this Myeongpum chicken. He said it's famous in Jeju Island so he wanted to try it. My hubby said there's one near us but we never tried it so we ordered for my brother in law. Wow~ we never thought that it was delicious. We found out that the chicken restaurant is also a franchise brand in Jeju Island.

The chicken is delicious but too bad that it's just a little. It's not enough for three people. It's just good for two unlike other famous chicken restaurants, there's always left over when I eat with my hubby. But when we order myeongpum chicken, the amount is not enough for two of us. Anyway, here's the chicken.

And here are the contact numbers if you happen to visit Jeju and want to try Myeongpum Chicken.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let's try our luck

My hubby and I love traveling and have I mentioned that our next trip is in Canada? Our vacation in the Island is over so we are going to Canada soon. Because we love traveling we need much amount of money for our trip so don't you think it's a good idea to try our luck in Canadian casinos? We just want to travel but of course it's impossible to just travel without making any money.

I love playing card games online and I can say that I'm not bad enough at playing my favorite card game. I think playing slots Canada online is not bad at all. Who knows I can find my luck so we can just travel forever while enjoying playing games. I sometimes play until late at night because I enjoy the game so much. I play game without any benefits so I think playing Canadian dollar dasinos will give me more benefits. Everybody wants to be rich so it's better to try our luck online rather than doing nothing at all.

Well, if you're interested, just click the link above and let's both try our luck together.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grache Chocolate in Korea

I bought Grache Chocolate for my hubby last Valentine's Day. It was also my first time to try the chocolate and I didn't know that it was that delicious. I didn't have any idea about the taste of the chocolates. I just went to the convenient store near my office and saw the beautiful wrap of chocolates. It was the biggest chocolate in the store and has the most beautiful wrap so I took it. It was a little expensive and I was worried that my hubby would get angry if I give the wrong chocolates for him. Here's what I bought.

Here's what it looks after removing the wrap.

The Grache Chocolates. My hubby tried one and it seems like he loves the taste of the chocolates so he munches four of them so I grabbed one.

Wow! No wonder why he loves them. Grache Chocolates are really great! They are now one of my favorite chocolates. The crunchy nuts and almonds outside taste good and the creamy chocolates inside are wonderful. Soooo yummy! Really!

I'm glad that I got the right chocolates for my hubby last Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Korean Snacks

Sipping coffee while watching TV at home is the most relaxing time that we can have. Coffee is more delicious with bread but I don't have any bread but I have some Korean snacks that my mother in law gave me. They are snacks that usually eat during special holidays like Chuseok or Thanksgiving Day and Seollal or Chinese New Year.

They are kind of pop rice but they are sweet. The ones on the left are soft and on the right are sticky and gummy. I don't like them much but they are worth-eating when you're bored or watching TV at home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spiced Boneless Chicken with Rice Cake

We are tired of eating the same chicken menu so we tried this spicy boneless chicken with rice cake from BHC. Our order came on the cup or small basin that it looks little but when you eat, it's just enough for three people. There's always left over when my hubby and I eat so I think it's good for three people.

The best thing for it is, there's no chicken bone so it's comfortable to eat. It's sweet and spicy and the rice cake is yummy, too.

Here's what the chicken look like. It has nuts and almonds that added the tasty taste of the chicken.

The rice cake is usually find under the cup so you can't see here in the picture.

My hubby said that he won't order this menu anymore but then we are always craving for it. I think we ordered this menu 3times a month.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hubby's Set Menu at Home

My hubby picked me up at work. He said he prepared special dish for dinner. It's a Course A Set Menu. I wondered what it was so when I came home, he told me to sit down. On his course menu, there is salad, fresh oyster and fried beef. It's my first time to try this menu in once. I'm worried that I can have a stomachache after eating this dinner. He even didn't give me rice.

The dinner was delicious but I felt hungry again after a few hours so I cooked noodles.

Thanks honey! I love my dinner but next time, please give me some rice. hehe..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yugpo or Jerked Beef

My hubby's favorite snack is Yugpo or Jerked Beef. He loves it that he can't stop eating when he starts to open the pack. Jerky is great with beer or alcohol but my hubby doesn't drink so he eats it with Cola. My hubby who doesn't drink alcohol likes eating expensive snacks and I don't say anything about it because it's better to eat snacks at home with me rather than to drink alcohol outside with somebody else.

Anyway, whenever we go to the supermarket he always checks the Yugpo and he really wants to eat but it's too expensive here in the Island so he's trying to endure not to eat but he couldn't. He went out one night and went to the supermarket alone and but this.

It's about $20. The price doesn't count as long as you see how happy he was while eating his favorite snack. hehe..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kubne Chicken

One of my favorite chicken brand is Kubne chicken or Roasted chicken. A chicken restaurant that serve roasted chicken. They don't use oil when they cook chicken so it's not greasy. My favorite menu is the Teriyaki Chicken with leeks or spring onions with sauce. Teriyaki Chicken is 15,000won or $13 and leeks with sauce is 2,000won ($1.8).

I already collected 8 coupons and I think it's better to order more so I can collect 10 coupons and change them for chicken. Anyway, look at this. Doesn't it look yummy?

That's my hubby with his chicken leg.

The spring onions with sauce and two kinds of chicken sauce. The spicy and not the spicy one. Of course the pickled radish always come when you order chicken.

The Paddalk Teriyaki Chicken. Yummy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mul Naengmyeon

Mul Naengmyeon or cold soup noodles (Buck wheat noodle in cold beef broth) is famous korean cuisine specially in summer. They added ice in the soup so it's very cool and refreshing in the summer. Here in Jejudo, kogi naengmyeon or cold noodle soup with meat is very famous. So when we went to Seogwipo, we visited a famous Korean restaurant that serves cold soup noodles. The meat made noodle more delicious. Whenever we go to Seogwipo City, we always eat the noodles. It's cheap and yummy. Here's the noodles. Doesn't it look delicious?

Even when I had it many times, I'm craving for it again everytime I look at this picture. But it's winter now so I don't think it's a good idea to eat it.