Friday, April 25, 2008

Raw fish again?

We always stay up late at night. We watch tv, using the computer, play games, etc. We are night owls and evening is our favorite time. We don't usually sleep on Friday and Saturday nights but we sleep all day during the weekends if we just don't have plan to go out. Last night, at 2a.m. my hubby asked me if i wasn't hungry. I was a little bit hungry so he said he would order raw fish again. Whenever we discover some food and restaurants that we like then it's the one that we usually order and go to rather than trying the other ones and just feel upset and disappointed after.

This restaurant sells cheap and delicious sea foods and they deliver until 4a.m. so whenever we crave for seafoods specially during late at night then it's the one that we always dial. Here's the food that we order. Yes, the same restaurant but gives different side dishes.

When i took the picture, hubby said that i always post the same food on my food blog. Compare this Sashimi, Sea foods, sushi, nakkji (live octopus) and my former post. Oh well, at least i have something to post about. hehehehe... Here's the side dishes that i didn't post here. And look! the fish is different, isn't it? hehehe..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby tag

I've been tagged by Chinny. Thanks sis for this very cute and adorable baby tag..hehehehe..

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Kid’s Question #1 If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

>Oh, it's really a hard question for me. I can't make decisions easily so ruling the country or world never came into my mind. I'm sure i can't rule fairly but i think i would be a good ruler because I always consider other feelings and have the heart of helping others.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Raw fish and raw octopus

When we went to my sister in law, she told us to have dinner together so we stayed in her house and waited for dinner time. hehehehe... She asked us what we wanted for dinner. Because nobody didn't mentioned any food maybe because we just had lunch that time and everyone was full, so nothing came to our mind. Her husband said he would buy raw fish.

When the dinner time came, he left and when he came home with this raw fish.

While he was in the restaurant, he called and asked if we also want to eat raw octopus. Hubby said it's up to him so he also came with this.

My sister in law also prepared some side dishes because Koreans eat with many side dishes every meals. She hasn't done setting the table when i took a picture of this food. She was busy in the kitchen. I tried to help her but she didn't want. She said there was nothing to do but when she was finished, she prepared a lot and the food didn't have enough space so we had to remove some of it.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

World Wide Link Love

Summer tagged me with this World Wide Link Love. Thanks sis!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Puchinggae and makgeoli

We went to Baegyangsa with my in laws. Because we didn't go inside to see the temple so we just went to the restaurant where there are some chairs and tables outside. My BIL ordered this makgeoli and puchinggae. I tried makgeolli before when i went on a picnic with my co-workers and my boss offered me some. He is my boss so i couldn't refuse it. After drinking a bowl of it, i was suddenly felt dizzy. Since then, i never tried to drink it anymore. hehehehe.. By the way, makgeolli is drunk using bowls.

Me and Hubby doesn't drink so my BIL and his wife drank all the makgeolli. The good thing is, my BIL didn't bring his car so it was okay even when he drank much. And hubby doesn't drink at least he can drive us home. hehehe...

I think i'm lucky to have a guy like my hubby who doesn't like drinking alcohol. At least i have less worries when he drives.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

dig for the best price

Ladies like shopping. We feel great when we saw and got some branded stuffs in low prices. You know the feeling of like we won in a lottery when we got the stuff that we need in a low price. A wise buyer or customer is the one that doesn't stick in one store or price. You need to find and compare the prices first before you buy a thing in the store. So if you are a wise one, then you need to check out this shopping online where you can dig for the best price. Everything is in low prices so if you are looking for branded stuffs like electronics, then start to dig here now.

Check out and compare the prices of electronics now and i'm sure you will also surprise of the prices of some stuffs like cameras, camcorders, etc. I wished i've known this site before i bought my new camera.

Friday, April 11, 2008

raw fish (sashimi)

Oh yes, my hubby said that he wanted to go on a diet but look, at 11p.m. he ordered this raw fish.

This side dishes is kind of give aways. Koreans eat with lots of side dishes and when you order food in the restaurant, they always serve different kinds of side dishes on the table. Maybe it's also the reason why food in the restaurant is expensive. The raw fish is eaten with vegetables (i forgot to take a picture of the veggies), garlic and chilli pepper.

And this sauce called chogochujang a variant mixture of gochujang mainly with vinegar and other seasonings like sugar, and sesame seeds.

We both gained weight when we went to Thailand (Check out our trip here) and it's hard for him to lose weight because he's always hungry. Maybe he has some insects in his stomach. hehehehe...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

round pears

Until now, we still have pears in the refrigerator that we received from my mother in law last Thanksgiving day (Feb.). On this day, my inlaws received boxes of different kinds of fruits from their friends and relatives so they also give us some. My mother in law gave us apples, persimmons and pears. Every after meals Koreans eat fruits for desserts but hubby and I don't have enough time to eat during weekdays. We always skip breakfast, (i just prepare fruit juice) and i have to leave for work after lunch. At night, i don't usually serve pears because it's too cold, besides hubby doesn't like pears much so they were left in the refrigerator.

Here are the pears look like in Korea. They are round and yellow.

When my students saw the green and oval pears in their books, everyone were curious about those fruits. They asked what kind of fruits they were. When i said, they were pears, everyone was reacted and said, they were not. Oh well, i was also surprised when i saw this yellow and round pears so i understand my students reactions. hehehe...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mini oranges

If there are mini tomatoes (cherry tomatoes), there are also mini oranges. I don't like oranges much but i love this mini oranges. When i eat oranges i have to peel them well. I don't like the bitter taste of the fruit's skin so when i first saw this mini oranges, i wondered if there's still something to eat in that fruit if i'll peel it. But i saw that the fruits are eaten with the skin. I thought they taste terrible but again, i was wrong. The skin of this fruit is very sweet. I prefer to eat the skin rather than the flesh. The fruits are delicious. They are one of my favorites. Whenever i come home, i always checked the fruit vendors in front of our apartment if they are selling those kind of fruits but i hardly see them in their stores. This evening, I also checked the market near the bus stop and tried to find the fruits where i bought before but ajuma (woman) wasn't there anymore. Here are the fruits that i bought last week.