Sunday, September 8, 2013

Famous Marine Chopped Noodles

When we went to Gunsan to meet my hubby's friend, he invited us to have kalguksu or marine chopped noodles. From his place, we drove for about 30 minutes to get to the famous marine chopped noocles restaurant. It was a little bit far but it worth it eventhough we had to get back from where we've been to, to take him home.

The place is famous for kalguksu and there are lots of restaurants with the same menus but we went to the one with lots of people (That's what we always check when we go to restaurants that are not familiar to us. If there are many customers, then the food is delicious.) to make that the food is good. So, we decided to eat to Somunan Kalguksu or Rumored Traditional Chopped Noodles.

We ordered good for three people and here's what they gave us.

Oh wow! It's too much! But we almost had it all. We were very full and we were very satisfied with the food because it was yummy. But there was a problem with the service. Maybe because there were lots of customers but that wasn't a reason not to serve the customers well. Hubby's friend asked some more kimchi (you can get refill in all side dishes in the restaurant here in Korea) and the waitress passed several times without giving us anything. Then he thought maybe she forgot about it then she told her again but still nothing came on our table. How much is one minute to get some kimchi? I tried to understand her because she was tired. Then finally, the kimchi came but I was already annoyed.

Except noodles, they also serve brown rice and of course side dishes which is normal to all restaurants to serve different kinds of side dishes.

Near the parking lot, there's also a small amusement park, so after having yummy marine chopped noodles, you can have fun or send your kids to amusement park.

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