Sunday, November 3, 2013

Make Yummy Polvoron

My friend sent me a pack of skimmed milk powder from the Philippines. A pack contains 3 1/2 of glasses. It has been almost a month now and I just had the half of glass so I searched on the internet on what I can do with the rest of skimmed milk powder. I found out that I could make Polvoron, a famous and delicious candy in the Philippines.

According to the recipe that I saw, I needed some flour, sugar, butter and skimmed milk for my ingredients so I went to e-mart to get some butter and sugar. I was also looking for pounded rice flakes (rice stamped flat) but I couldn't see any so I put peanuts instead. Here's the ingredients needed for polvoron. I forgot to take a picture of the flour because it was in the fridge.

It's to easy to make polvoron. Just put some flour in the fry pan and wait until it is brown. When it's brown or cooked, put in a big bowl and mix with sugar and skimmed milk powder. Melt the butter in the oven for 30 seconds and pour it in the mixed sugar, skimmed milk powder and flour. Mix well until it is well combined. Then put grounded peanuts. Voila! My Yummy Polvoron!

Btw, I put half of the butter, 4 spoons of sugar, a cup of flour and a glass of skimmed powder milk. I was about to put two glasses but one was enough. It was so yummy!

I didn't wrap mine but if you want you can wrap yours using cellophane wrapper.

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