Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Joliber

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

no turning down

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Monday, January 28, 2008


We were still sleeping when the phone rang. It was already passed noon and my mom in law was on the other line. I don't know if it is her duty, rule, or responsibility to call us many times everyday. My hubby sometimes pissed off specially when is about to catch his sleep and then the phone will suddenly ring. And when the phone rings, we always guess that it's my mother in law. And guess is always right. hehehehe...

Because it was already noon so we decided to go out and have lunch. Hubby asked me what i wanted to eat so i chose kukbap. Because it's cold so i always crave for hot soup. We went to the restaurant and i ordered naejang kukbap and hubby had soondae kukbap.

Here's the soup. They serve this soup while it is boiling that's why it's delicious in winter. I like eating this soup when i have colds.

After lunch, we decided to go for a drive.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


When we went to Sunchang Maeul, the owner offered us this makgeolli.

Makgeolli is the oldest traditional alcohol in Korea. It is made with glutinous rice, barley and flour. It is milky, off-white in color, and sweet. It is quite popular for old people specially farmers. If you go to some places like temples and you see some white plastic bottles, that's makgeolli. I've tasted it once when i went to the temple with my co-workers. I just tasted a little and i felt very dizzy and seemed like i was already drunk. My co-workers told us not to try to drink it when we are with men because it will really make us dizzy and feel drunk even when you just taste a little.

It tastes delicious and i like it but it made me feel strange. Since then, i never tried to drink it anymore. When i see someone drinking makgeolli, i always remember what my co-worker said. So when hajuma offered us some, my answer although it looks delicious and i want to try some but i chose not to. It's better not to try anymore. Never!

unique and beautiful

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apples and sweet potato

We also met my mother in law when we attended my sister in law's housewarming party. We picked her up at home and we went to my sister in law's house together. There were 2 packs of apples that were put in the plastic bags. One is for my sister in law and she gave to other one to us. We always skip breakfast and i always prepare fruit milkshake for hubby before he leaves for work. And these apples are for his milkshake in the morning. My inlaws told me that apples are not good to eat in the evening. We don't have enough time to eat in the afternoon because we have to work so i usually make apple milkshake in the morning.

Before we came home, my sister in law gave me this sweet potato. Oh gosh, i can't remember the last time when i ate sweet potato so i was happy to receive them. As soon as i came home, i cooked some but wasn't satisfied because i put much water and overcooked. They are sweet but very soft that's why until now they are still on the table. hehehe...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

let's shop online

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Cabin on my vacation

Last month, my hubby told his boss that he wanted to quit his job but the boss didn't allow him and he's giving him a one month vacation, instead but in the midst of this year. Hubby agreed but this month he told his boss again about this quitting issue. Again, the boss didn't allow him and this time he's giving him a one week vacation anytime he wants. The reason why my hubby wants to quit is because he wanted to travel. He likes travelling and he said he wants to travel out of the country. He wants to go overseas.

My hubby is still planning when to get his one week vacation. I can't wait to go on vacation with him, travel to Branson and stay at one of the cabins of Branson Cabin Rentals. I'm a nature lover and i want to stay at The cabins at Grand Mountain which has good scenery, bountiful wildlife, and crystal clear waters. What a great vacation to stay here in this cool and relaxing place.

roasted squid and octopus legs

Do you know what this food is? Can you recognize it? I'm sorry, we almost ate all before realizing that i have to take some pictures of them so that i can show you here.

They are roasted octopus and squid legs. If you go downtown, you can see many stores selling this kind of snacks in the street. I prefer the squid legs rather than octopus. Squid is sweeter and more delicous while octopus is hard and gummy but also delicious. It's nice to eat them while watching tv or when you are sleepy. And they are usually serve in the bar as finger food when you order beer. And also included in some of the set menu in the bar.

My hubby came home with it. He said his co-worker bought it for him. Maybe his co-worker will drink beer or soju at home but my hubby doesn't. We have a bottle of beer in the refrigerator and i told him to drink but he just smiled. That beer is for visitors. Hubby doesn't drink any alcohol. Never! And i consider myself lucky for that.

After eating those legs, my jaw is a little bit hurt because of chewing but i told hubby to buy again tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i am fair

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tips and information

When i was young, i like some occasions where in the whole family including relatives gather together. After the celebrations we always end up playing games specially card games. It was fun and i saw that everyone enjoyed a lot. I sometimes miss my relatives whenever i see or hear the word casino. I remember the days playing with them. Playing made the family get close together. I also noticed that winning or loose didn't matter, the most important was how everyone enjoyed. I miss the old days. And now that we grew old and everyone has its own family and living miles away to each other, so its hard to do that thing again.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pumpkin Porridge

Hey, look what i made from that big pumpkin.

It's my first time to make this pumpkin porridge but i did great! My hubby said that it's delicious. He laughed when i served some to him. He said he can imagine some s**t so he didn't wanna taste it. But i forced him to eat and he almost ate all. He asked me if i made much because he wants me to bring some for my mother in law. We'll meet her tomorrow in my sister in law's house to attend her housewarming party.

Do you wanna know how i made it? I just cut the pumpkin into big cubes and boiled until it became very soft. When the water is less than a cup, turn off the stove and let it cold. Mix it into a mixer, put in the pot with a little condensed milk, and sprinkle a little iodized salt and a little flour. Mix it well and put on the stove again and mixed it continously for about 5-10 minutes and Voila! the porridge is done!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


When i see someone playing slots on TV or movies, I'm always excited when they start to play the game. I'm not the player but the excitement is in me. I'm always wondering about the outcome of the game and i'm so happy to see those same numbers or items for a jackpot. Whenever i see this game, it always reminds me the time when i was going to the amusement park with my classmates and friends. Playing slots is like playing the game in the amusement park although the games are different but the feeling of excitement is the same. And the only difference is the prize that you get with the slots is much more than the game in the park.

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dried persimmons

I always take the bus with two of my co-workers. We take the same bus when we go home. Near the bus stop, there is this street vendor like this who sells tokkpogi, odeng and eomug. We usually go there before taking the bus. All of us need to transfer to another bus and we get off at the same bus stop to transfer to another bus. At that bus stop are stores that sells fruits and vegetables so i bought this dried persimmons yesterday.

They are too cheap! 10pieces for $3 so i bought 20 pieces. Dried persimmons are too expensive here because they are good for our health. My sister in law bought 50 pieces for $70 if i'm not mistaken. I prefer dried persimmons rather than this fresh ones. Ajassi (old man) gave me one to have a taste of it before i bought. I tried to check ajassi when i came home this evening but he wasn't there anymore. I don't know if he already sold out his fruits or it was his rest day today. I hope i can see him again on Monday so that i can buy more.

Friday, January 18, 2008

let's bet!

Do you wanna bet? Nope, you don't need to go to Las Vegas to play your favorite gamble game. Why do you have to go there when you can play it online? You can manage your time at the same time your presence is with your family specially on weekend. Yeap, your family members are satisfied just seeing you at home specially when they see playing the game. Who knows your luck is online so why don't you try to do it at online casino.

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We met my sister in law when we attended uncle's birthday party. Before we left the place, her husband gave this to my mother in law and my mother in law gave it to me.

It's too big and i don't know what to do with it. I sometimes put some when i cook soup but i don't think i can cook or eat it all. When i cook this morning, the soup tasted more delicious than what i cooked without pumpkin. Although it's deliciouns but it doesn't mean that i have to cook the same food everyday. I want to ask my sister in law on how to make porridge made with pumpkin but i think her husband will feel bad if he knew that my mother in law gave it to me. Maybe, i'll just try to find it on the net. Oh well, i'm craving for pumpkin porridge. I'll make sure to cook some this weekend.

By the way, do you want a tip on how to make the vegetables of fruit stay fresh? Put some tissue on it like this.

I put tissue on the cut part and just put it in the veranda. I learned this from my mother in law. I can also put tissue in some vegetables before you put in the refrigerator. I didn't want to do it before, i thought it was dirty but i wash it well or cut the part where i put the tissue. I always do it since i found out that it really keeps the food fresh.

I just put the pumpkin in the veranda because it's too cold here and the temperature in the veranda is enough to leave this pumpkin. Besides there's no space for it in my refrigerator.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

tired of paying credits

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

get well soon

We always have a meeting after the class. My boss always asks if we encountered some problems or if there's a problem with the students. My co-workers have to call at least 3 parents a day and the boss asks about the conversation they had. We have to report everything that happened during our class time. Today, one of my co-workers has a cold. During the meeting the boss told her to get well soon or else it will affect the teaching environment. He said students don't like weak teachers. He also said that there will be a problem with the pronunciation if we have colds.

My co-worker works as a part time job. She goes to school in the morning and work in the afternoon until evening so i think she doesn't have enough time to go to the doctor. Most clinics and pharmacies are closed at night and they are not opened on Sundays. I think i need to recommend this pharmacy online to her. They are prescription drugs and available for 24/7. All medications are FDA approved. It is more convinient because you can order any time in your own time.

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Jajangmyeon in pack

One of my favorite food is Jajangmyeon. When i went to the mart, i saw this jajangmyeon in pack. At first i saw a pack of jajangmyeon and had a taste of it and it was delicious so i went back and bought more. I told hubby that it's more delicious than some restaurants here specially the one here near my place which we have just discovered last week where we ate hwemuldobap and jajangmyeon. Hwemuldopbap was not bad but jajangmyeon didn't passed to my hubby's taste.

Now, when i feel like craving jajangmyeon, i don't need to go to the restaurant because i can make my own jajangmyeon now. Of course, it's not as delicious as the one in our favorite chinese restaurant which is famous of its black noodles and tangsuyug but it is too far to go there in this freezing weather.

i care for you

In Korea, there are cases specially for students who commit suicide because they are loosers. They don't have friends and nobody talk to them even when they arrive home because of their busy parents. They think nobody cares and love for them. Sometimes its really hard to live when you think nobody gives attention to you. When you need someone to talk to with your problems, nobody is around for you. There's no one who is willing to listen to you.

Well, if you are one of them even when you are not a student, you should know that your life is better than others. Just think of those who live in the orphanages or nursing homes. Instead of wasting your time doing nothing and take pity to your self, why don't you visit bettercaring. It is a comprehensive care home with a discussion forum wherein you can talk to other users and ask some questions. There are also news to get some informations.

Show that you care specially for the olds. Let them know that they are not alone. Show them that even they are old they are still accepted by others. There are many things that we can do for them and make them happy. Show your love now by visiting them at bettercaring.

Monday, January 14, 2008

dessert for everyone

Today we attended a birthday party that was held at a restaurant in a hotel. It was a buffet style and there's so much food to choose from. At first i chose the food that was new to my sight, some was delicious and others didn't passed to my taste. I couldn't take a picture of it because my mother in law and uncle were sitting in front of me.

I got the picture of this dessert because uncle went out for a while and my mother in law sat down beside aunt to have a talk about their trip to North Korea. I couldn't eat them all. When i came home, i'm still thinking of them. And while i'm posting this picture, i wish i can still have them. If i could just turn back the time. hehehe..

Saturday, January 12, 2008

my online business

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i can't wait for my salary

My hubby met his two High School friends last week. They haven't met each other for an ages and last Saturday, they finally met. They saw each other's contacts through the internet and decided to meet. When hubby came home, he told me a lot about his friends and about their lives in High School. Then I suddenly thought about his another friend if they still keep in touch because i've never heard them calling each other. He said he's shy to call him because he couldn't lend him money when he needed it. That was the time when we were hunting for an apartment. Wrong timing, huh? Hubby's friend didn't contact him, either. I think they feel same way.

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healthy drink

Most Koreans are very aware of their health and my mom in law is one of them. Eventhough we don't live together but she always make side dishes and gives something to eat for us specially healthy food. Last week she came here with this 100% beajeup (pear juice)and hongsam (ginseng steamed red).

I like baejeup but not the hongsam. I don't like the taste of it because i feel like drinking medicine when i drink it. My mother in law said that it's expensive and it's very good for our health but i feel like throwing up when i drink it. I don't like the smell either.

My mother in law always brings us some healthy drinks like one that is made of deer horn, mushrooms, etc. I don't like any of them but because they are from my mother in law so i have to drink some. Nobody will drink it because my hubby doesn't like the taste either.

i shop online

It's freezing and everyone is lazy to go out even when we need to do shopping. Of course i love shopping but how can i go out in this cold weather just to go shopping? Never! I don't wanna go out but it doesn't mean that i can't do shopping. We have advance technology and there's no impossible through the internet. I'm talking about here the online shopping. I know every ladies like going shopping. Don't you?

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i've got approved

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Monday, January 7, 2008


There are many chinese foods we know that serve delicious jajangmyeon. Today, i told hubby that i wanted to eat jajangmyeon and i was inviting him to eat at the reataurant that we found on the net just a month ago. But because hubby was tired because he washed the car so he told me to try the restaurant near my apartment. I pass here everyday when i go to work but i've never seen this restaurant before. It's just across from my apartment.

We ordered Jajangmyeon and Hwemul DopBap. Hwemuldopbap is Assorted raw fish and vegetables over the bowl of rice and is cooked with thick soup. It is one of my favorite food. I usually order it when we go to a chinese restaurant. Hubby asked if they also deliver some food. Hubby whipered if it's delicious, he would asked the menu and telephone number but when we left he didn't asked anything so that means he wasn't satisfied of the taste of the food.

While we were heading home, i asked him about it, he said he still prefer the chinese restaurant that we always go to when we are craving for jajangmyeon and tangsuyug.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

rice cake cake

Here's the cake made of rice cake. My sister in law baked it as present on my mom in law's birthday. She always bakes this rice cake cake during my in laws birthdays. The first time that she made a cake was on my father in law's birthday. It wasn't delicious though, because she said she forgot to put the sugar. Just imagine the taste of the cake without sugar in it. hehehehe...Anyway, we ate eat to show that we appriciated what she did. Well, she really did a good job because she tried her best in making that cake. Besides, a cake without sugar is healthier, isn't it? And she made it with pumpkin which is my father in law's favorite.

This special cake is for my mother in law on her last birthday. After trying for many times, my sister in law finally got the right taste. It's really delicious and doesn't it look good? I can give this rate of 95% out of 100%.

Manse to my sister in law! Manse (Hoooray)!

The beautiful cake didn't match with the candles that my nephew and niece put. But the beauty is still there.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

My friend came over to my house and brought me this pudding that she made. I had a taste of it when she left and it's delicious so i called her and asked if she can teach me on how to make it. I wish i can make as delicious as this.

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And here's for the technorati.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


There are many kinds of delicious food or snacks sold in winter. I like most of them specially ho-tteok and tteokpokki.

Another delicious snacks during the winter season is Beungeoppang. Bungeo is a type of fish and ppang means bread. It is sold by open-air food vendors throughout Korea.

Beungeoppang is a fish-shaped korean pastry but doesn't contain any fish. It has red bean paste inside and the outside part that covered the bean paste tastes like waffle. It is delicious when it served hot.

Beungeoppang is also sold with eomug.

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it's freezing here

It has been snowing here for three days now and it's freezing outside. It's New Year and we can't go out. I wish i have this ventless gas fireplaces with the fireplace cabinets from Agee to make my New Year's Day more romantic even when we just stay home. Well, there are still more New Year's day to come and have more freezing days so i'm thinking of getting one.

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be safe

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