Sunday, February 28, 2010

Duck Restaurant in SLow City Damyang

We went to Slow City (Citta Slow) in Damyanggun Champyeongmyeon. Inside the Village was a Duck Restaurant named Kab Eul Won (갑을원). It was lunch time so we decided to try their dishes. We went inside and the waitress asked if we made a reservation. She said the restaurant only served for those who made a reservation.

We waited after a few minutes she told us to come in and led us to one of the rooms of this kind of a house restaurant. While getting in, she said we had to wait because they had to serve those who made a reservation first. That's wasn't a big deal because we weren't hungry so we waited.

The restaurant has a nice view.

I can also imagine the life in way back time. See that black phone?

Enough for the restaurant because the i'm excited to introduce the food. We didn't wait that long as we expected. The salad and acorn jelly came first. Btw, when you go to korean restaurant, salad always comes first. It's not a dessert.

Next came the bulgogi

and side dishes. There were more side dishes like different kinds of vegetables

Then the duck menu. They served the food one by one. The waitress always checked if the food on the table has already eaten.

Then came the shabu-shabu. I thought the duck was the last dish so I felt a little bit disappointed. If it was then it's too much expensive for the price. But look! There's still shabu-shabu waiting for us so I felt relieved and thinking to come back again next time.

And the yummy korean rice! My favorite!

If you're planning to have meal in this restaurant, I think it's better to make a reservation first before you wander the area.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dunkin Donuts in Korea

Of course there are also dunkin donut shops in Korea. Last time, I invited my hubby to go downtown because I was craving for donuts. Because it's just few minutes away so we went there to find out that the store was already closed. The dunkin donut shop was changed to ice cream shop. My hubby wondered if the reason was about the news that they used ingredients that is not good for our health. He wondered if all the stores were closed because of that. After a few weeks, we went to the train station to pick up my in laws. They were tired so instead of driving, they took the Korean bullet train or KTX. I was so happy to see the dunkin donut store at the station so I bought 6 pieces of donuts.

No matter what they say, I still love donuts. And I'm glad that I found a store near my place. Yummy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cappuccino Coffee with Chocolate Syrup

I've just noticed that my hubby often asked some coffee now a days. He didn't use to like coffee but now he usually asked coffee when he's at home. So when I went to the market, I thought of him so I bought this hazelnut flavor cappuccino coffee and chocolate syrup.

When I came home, I made some coffee for him and pour some chocolate syrup. Hmmm..Yummy!

I also bought some bananas. I don't like banana much so I thought of putting syrup and I think I will start to like bananas because of the chocolate syrup. It's a good snack specially for kids. No need to cook and it's healthy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Make Chapssal Hotteok

There are lots of food in winter. Lots of delicious street food like tteokpoki, odeng, twikim, ppung-o ppang and hotteok. I like hotteok specially when it has lots of filling. Usually sugar or honey and peanuts or ground sesame seeds. It disappoints me when I buy hotteok with little filling. It doesn't taste good so I bought this chapssal (glutinous rice) hotteok mix.

It's better to make my own so I can put as much fillings as I want. Here's what I made. It's my first time so I didn't make much just in case that I'll make mistake. But luckily, they were good so I can manage to make better next time. They are not in good shapes but they taste great.

Let's make chapssal hotteok together next time. Here's how I make my own hotteok:
1. Boil small amount of water. Let it warm.
2. Mix flour and yeast into a bowl.
3. Pour warm water and mix well.
4. Cover the bowl with plastic and wait for 30 minutes.
5. Spread some on your palm, put fillings, and make a round shape.
6. When the vegetable oil is hot, put #7 on the fry pan.
7. Press it when it's brown.
(The fillings is included in the pack. It is enough to make 10 hotteok but because I like hotteok with more fillings so I added more black sugar, peanuts, and ground sesame seeds.)