Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Samgyopsal time

It rained here last Saturday. On rainy days, everything is delicious but the most delicious food in this season is samgyopsal, i think. Anyway, samgyopsal is my favorite korean dish so i love eating it in any season. hehehe...

Last Saturday, we had samgyopsal at home. My hubby likes rainy season. We usually eat in the living room because we like watching tv while eating. But because we had to eat samgyopsal so i told him to have dinner on the dining table. He disagreed. He said he wanted to eat in the living room because he wanted to see the rain while eating samgyopsal. In the summer, we eat samgyopsal in the veranda. But it's still cold here so we can't cook and eat in the veranda. So look what hubby did.

He covered the floor, appliances, furnitures, glass windows, etc just because he wanted to look out while eating samgyopsal. He did it while i was preparing some vegetables and stuffs we need for the dish so i was surprise to see the living room like that picture on top. hehehehe...

After our meal, i washed the dishes and hubby cleaned the living room. hehehehe...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

best web hosting

Like Kaushal Sheth, i've also been searching for the best web hosting company for months but until now i still haven't got one. I want to get my own domain but it's hard to find the best one. There are many blogger friends who suggested me for web hosts but after checking them and reading the reviews, i got the doubts if i'll grab one of them or not. I just don't get satisfied with the offers give by those websites.

Now with the help of Kaushal Sheth, a man who spends his days designing wordpress themes and someone who gathered a lists of best web hosting company, i think i also found the best one. The cheap, with awesome reputation and host with brand is what he shared on his lists. If you want to check them by yourself then visit Kaushal Sheth and find the best web hosting for you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

drinks and salad

Sorry guys for not posting here for a long time. I've just got back from my vacation and i couldn't visit this blog of mine during my stay in Thailand. So i'm leaving this pictures of salad and drinks for you which i made before we left. The salad is same as what i make here. I used yoghurt dressing in this salad.

The juice was made up of this healthy drink. I use mineral water when i make this drink and put some milk. Without water and milk, this drink tastes like vinegar.

By the way, i don't know what happened on this food blog of mine, i can't open it. The window just suddenly disappears whenever i try to open it. What's wrong? Any help out there?

Friday, March 7, 2008

coupons for a free chicken

Here's the last chicken that i ordered so that i can collect another 10 coupons.

If we collected ten coupons then we can get a free chicken. I like this fried chicken from BHC. If you remember, i also posted here the 10 coupons that i collected last time. They are also from BHC. I still have many coupons but they are from another chicken restaurants. Some chicken house like kyocheon don't give coupons. When it comes to friend chicken, i love BHC but with spicy chicken, i like the red combo from Kyocheon. It's just wings and legs. It's too spicy but so delicious. If they just give coupons i think i also collected more than 10 and already changed them.

We usually order chicken when i'm lazy to prepare meals specially dinner. That was when i come home late and too tired from work. There's no choice to order because most restaurants don't deliver after 10p.m. Most chicken restaurants are open until midnight because they also deliver beer with your chicken if you want.

Well, let's eat chicken for free next time using those coupons. hehehe...

Monday, March 3, 2008

beef bones

When my in laws visited us, we went to the market to buy some beef bones. We've been to many market but we couldn't find what we were looking for so we went to the county and drove for an hour to buy this fresh beef bones for my sister in law. My sister in law delivered a new baby girl so i heard that beef bones is good for her. Here's we bought. My father in law paid more than $100 for this bones.

My mother in law cooked the bones for several hours and she uses the stock when she cook soup specially myokgu which is eaten by a mom who has just deliver a baby. When we went back to my sister, i saw this in her veranda. The bones soup.

My mother in law said that she already cooked the bones for the third time and it's still white as milk. When i had a taste of it, it still tastes like my favorite sollongtang soup. My mother in law wants us to go back to the shop where we bought the meat but we couldn't just have time to go back there again. But i'm sure we can go there before my sister in law ate the soup in that big pot.