Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tuikim (Fry Food)

When we had a vacation in Australia, we usually had meals at a Japanese restaurant. I like sushi and hubby like the Tempura (Fried shrimps and potato). So when we came back here in Korea, i bought some shrimps, potato and flour use for frying. I tried to cook Tempura (Tuikim) but i failed the taste and texture. Since then, i never tried to cook tuikim anymore.

When hubby said that he wanted to eat Tuikim, I checked the books where the name of the restaurants and phone numbers are listed. They are advertisements of the restaurants near here and we use them when we order some food. Luckily there is this Tuikim restaurant listed so i ordered this.

Fried broccoli, fried rice cake, fried shrimps, fried sweet potato, and fried crab meat. And the sauce with cucumber and radish pickles.

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Jazel said...

wow yummy... i love kimchi.. can we exchange link.. tnks