Wednesday, June 27, 2007

jjukumi (small octopus)

Me and hubby like watching the program on tv wherein they show the food and restaurants that people enjoy. As usual, hubby saw jjukumi (small octopus) and said he wanted to eat some. The next day, i went to the market and couldn't find those small octopus that he wanted to eat so i went home with bigger ones. As soon as i arrived home, i told him that i bought jjukumi and said he wanted to eat them. While i was cooking he saw these big octopus and said that those are not what he wanted to eat. hehehehe... He said that those are not jjukumi (small octopus) but nakkji (octopus). What's the difference? Well, the size. hehehe... Anyway, he ate too much. The next weekend, he went to the market with me. He said he will find them but we came home carrying nothing. The people in the market said that there's no jjukumi in this season. hehehe...

I put jjukumi in boiling water for a few minutes and cut. Dip jjukumi with chokochujang. Just as easy as that.

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