Sunday, January 26, 2014

Korean Fruits

Apples from a friend, tangerines and persimmons from my mother in law. Koreans always have desserts after meals so having lots of fruits at home is just normal. I think it's one of the reasons why Koreans have flawless skin because they eat lots of fruits. Fruits are very expensive here specially when there's an occasion like Thanksgiving day and Seollal or Chinese New Year because they are famous for gift-givings. Boxes of fruits are sent to the relatives or friends during these occasions. You can't even buy retails of fruits. You need to buy bunches or boxes of them.

Although we always have fruits at home, I don't buy them. My mother in law always give or send us fruits that sometimes they get rotten and have to throw them away. I don't like fruits much specially apples. My stomach gets upset when I eat apples so sometimes I make fruit shake instead. But I'm usually lazy so I don't make often. But my hubby loves fruits.

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