Saturday, June 2, 2007

chicken (red combo)

When i'm tired and lazy to cook dinner, i always asked hubby what he wanted to eat. That means, we have to order some food. We have this book of the restaurants in the neighborhood with the telephone numbers. These restaurants are mostly chicken or chinese restaurants. When we look at that book, we always come up choosing to order chicken. Now a days, the red combo from kyochon is our best choice. Red combo are chicken legs and wings. It tastes hot, sweet and tender. Koreans don't think that chicken is a side dish. They eat chicken first, and eat rice and soup after having the chicken. Hubby doesn't eat rice after eating chicken. See that chicken in the box? If i don't mistakes, maybe i only eat 2-3 pieces of legs. Hubby can eat all the rest so there's no more space for rice.

Oh! by the way, everytime we order chicken, it always comes with a can of cola and pickled radish.

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