Monday, December 17, 2007

soondae gukbap

Before we just depend on watching tv where they show the famous restaurants and their menu. But now, my hubby found out a site on the web where the famous restaurants are listed. So during the weekend, if we didn't go out for a trip, we sometimes go the restaurant and try the food show on tv or listed on the internet.

Two weeks ago, we went to one of the restaurants but it was closed because it was Sunday. Last Saturday, we went back again and ordered soondae gukbap for hubby and naejang gukbap for me.

Here's the soondae gukbap.

Hubby had a talk to the owner and hubby said that we found the restaurant on the net. When i started to take some pictures, the owner knew that i'm also going to post it on the net so he gave us this cola for free. hehe.. Soondae is also free for all customers.

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