Friday, January 18, 2008


We met my sister in law when we attended uncle's birthday party. Before we left the place, her husband gave this to my mother in law and my mother in law gave it to me.

It's too big and i don't know what to do with it. I sometimes put some when i cook soup but i don't think i can cook or eat it all. When i cook this morning, the soup tasted more delicious than what i cooked without pumpkin. Although it's deliciouns but it doesn't mean that i have to cook the same food everyday. I want to ask my sister in law on how to make porridge made with pumpkin but i think her husband will feel bad if he knew that my mother in law gave it to me. Maybe, i'll just try to find it on the net. Oh well, i'm craving for pumpkin porridge. I'll make sure to cook some this weekend.

By the way, do you want a tip on how to make the vegetables of fruit stay fresh? Put some tissue on it like this.

I put tissue on the cut part and just put it in the veranda. I learned this from my mother in law. I can also put tissue in some vegetables before you put in the refrigerator. I didn't want to do it before, i thought it was dirty but i wash it well or cut the part where i put the tissue. I always do it since i found out that it really keeps the food fresh.

I just put the pumpkin in the veranda because it's too cold here and the temperature in the veranda is enough to leave this pumpkin. Besides there's no space for it in my refrigerator.

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