Monday, January 7, 2008


There are many chinese foods we know that serve delicious jajangmyeon. Today, i told hubby that i wanted to eat jajangmyeon and i was inviting him to eat at the reataurant that we found on the net just a month ago. But because hubby was tired because he washed the car so he told me to try the restaurant near my apartment. I pass here everyday when i go to work but i've never seen this restaurant before. It's just across from my apartment.

We ordered Jajangmyeon and Hwemul DopBap. Hwemuldopbap is Assorted raw fish and vegetables over the bowl of rice and is cooked with thick soup. It is one of my favorite food. I usually order it when we go to a chinese restaurant. Hubby asked if they also deliver some food. Hubby whipered if it's delicious, he would asked the menu and telephone number but when we left he didn't asked anything so that means he wasn't satisfied of the taste of the food.

While we were heading home, i asked him about it, he said he still prefer the chinese restaurant that we always go to when we are craving for jajangmyeon and tangsuyug.

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