Friday, April 11, 2008

raw fish (sashimi)

Oh yes, my hubby said that he wanted to go on a diet but look, at 11p.m. he ordered this raw fish.

This side dishes is kind of give aways. Koreans eat with lots of side dishes and when you order food in the restaurant, they always serve different kinds of side dishes on the table. Maybe it's also the reason why food in the restaurant is expensive. The raw fish is eaten with vegetables (i forgot to take a picture of the veggies), garlic and chilli pepper.

And this sauce called chogochujang a variant mixture of gochujang mainly with vinegar and other seasonings like sugar, and sesame seeds.

We both gained weight when we went to Thailand (Check out our trip here) and it's hard for him to lose weight because he's always hungry. Maybe he has some insects in his stomach. hehehehe...

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