Tuesday, February 26, 2008

fruits and vegetables milkshake

When i was sick, my mother in law visited us. They brought us some honey and they told me to make this kind of milkshake in the morning. My mother in law said that this is healthier.

This is how i make it. Just put a half of apple, a banana, a little cabbage and calcium milk. And then blend it. That's already two glasses of milkshake which is just enough for the two of us in the morning. I think it is more delicious than any milkshake that i used to make.

I always make any of this milkshake in the morning. Strawberry milkshake, tomato milkshake, apple, banana, kiwi, etc. It depends on what fruits are available in the season. Since my mother in law came here and introduced this juice, it is now what i prepare in the morning. Try it and i'm sure you and your kids will love it.


I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! Nice healthy post, sis...

BTW, if you have time, I have some favor to ask... It's posted in my current blog.


Ummm.. are you married to a Korean ba? (oooopss...tsismosa!)

I Love Philippines! said...

oh My G Sis... ang sakit ng pakiramdam...gosh, my wisdom tooth just strt to come out.. haaaayy...bata pa nga ako! lol! But it's really painful.. Maybe you have some advice here?