Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pizza hut

It has been a long time of not creating a post here. It doesn't mean that I don't have anything to share. I just couldn't download the pictures and now that I have it and I can share the pictures, let me start with the pizza and spaghetti that I had in the restaurant with my hubby. There's a pizza hut close to my work so I told hubby that I wanted to have pizza when he asked me what I wanted to have for lunch. We dropped by to the restaurant and ordered this pizza and white sauce spaghetti. Also salad but the salad at the salad bar is not delicious. If we knew that there was no delicious salad, we should have just took out the pizza and had it at home. Btw, the pizza hut at the other restaurant that I've been to many times has much delicious salad so I don't understand why I couldn't see that salad here. But of course the pizza and spaghetti is wonderful.

The pizza and spaghetti is too much for the two of us so we had much left over. We just had a slice each so we asked the waitress to pack it for two. I've decided to give the half or four slices to my sister in law. We dropped by to her house before we went home.