Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jajjangmyeon and Champeong

Jajjangmyeon and Champong are the famous chinese food in Korea. It is said that they are chinese food but they truth is, the food is originally from Korea. It's noodles and it's a kind of snacks to Korean and sometimes as meal.

Here's the jajangmyeon or black noodles.

When you order jajangmyeon, it is normal to order champeong or should I say, jajangmyeon is not complete without champeong?

Jajangmyeon is dry and champeong has soup. Champeong is spicy but jajangmyeon is not so if two people are going to eat, they always order jajangmyeon and champeong and they will share the noodles.

Jajangmyeon and champeong always come with onion and jajang sauce, pickled radish, and radish kimchi.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paypal Alternative

My hubby is thinking of a business but he doesn't know what kind of business he would do. We used to have a business but we gave it up because we couldn't leave it. My hubby and I love traveling so in our former business, we couldn't travel. Just last year when we decided to give up our business and travel in some Asian countries. But now that we are now back here in Korea, we are thinking of starting another business. A business that we can leave just in case that we feel like traveling to another country again.

As for me, I'd like a business where I can do it online. And wherever I go, I'd like to check how much money I earn so investing online is great for me. I think Merchant Accounts can help me with my plans. But first, I need to get free merchant account advice online to know what kind of account provider that I would choose. There are lots of merchant accounts so I don't want to be confused. I need to know about the Credit Card Processing Companies that can help me start a business. It's really hard to decide so it's better to get an advice with the experts online. Anyway, it's just free so I won't lose anything if I would try.

Well, I guess it's time to think about the PayPal Alternative.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chonan Walnut Snacks

If you happened to visit Chonan, don't forget to try the walnut snacks. They are kinds of bread with walnut and red beans inside. Even when you just go to another City, you should drop by at the resting area and have some walnut snacks. You can buy at least 3,000won (around $3).

Here are the walnut snacks that my hubby received from his friend. They are good presents for someone specially during holiday seasons, many people buy boxes of this snacks to give as a present.

I've already received boxes of this snacks many times. Mostly, they are from hubby's friends, relatives or from parents of my students.