Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raw Fish

We went to Daechon beach two weeks ago because we were craving for seafoods. The reason why we went to Mogpo was to have seafoods but the olds didn't allow us because it was summer and it wasn't the right time to eat raw fish.

Now the summer is over, it's time to have raw fish.

It is eaten with some vegetables like lettuce and sesame leaves, garlic and pepper


chogochujang and ganjang (soy sauce) mixed with wasabi

We also had some shrimps.

And for the soup is Maeuntang. This is the head and the fish bone with some seashells and crabs.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kimbap (rolled rice)

We always skip breakfast but we usually buy kimbap when we go out in the morning. One day, we saw on tv that some restaurants who are selling kimbap used rice from China. Since then, my hubby told me not to buy kimbap anymore.

I missed eating kimbap so i've tried to make by myself. Here's how i made it.

Prepare eggs, ham, pickled radish, seasoned burdock, crab meat, roasted laver, tuna and mayonnaise.

Fried the eggs and cut into long strips. Put the ingdients in a plate.

Tuna and mayonnaise are optional. But of course it makes the kimbap more delicious.

Pour a little amount of sesame oil into rice and sprinkle some salt.

Spread the rice onto the laver and put all the ingredients on top then roll.

Cut the rolled rice and serve.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Summer is over and I think it's not the right time to post about this korean sherbet called Patbingsu. I had it at the bakery in front of my apartment building with my hubby during the summer and just now that I saw the draft on my blog.

We were bored so we decided to go out but lazy to take a walk so we decided to have patbingsu instead. Although it was the same franchise store that we had in Seoul but this Patbingsu is more delicious because its more ingredients.

The one that we had in Seoul doesn't have kiwi and watermelon like this.

Thanks for this recipe, the next time that I make patbingsu at home like the one I made here, I'll also put some watermelons and kiwis. Yummy!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Donkas (Pork cutlet)

Hubby searched on the net to find a wang donkas (king pork cutlet) or big pork cutlet. He couldn't find anything on the net so one time we passed by a restaurant and so in one of their menu written wang donkas so we tried it and it was delicious.

Since then, when hubby is craving for donkas, we usually go in that restaurant. Hubby asked the manager if they can deliver to our place but he said they can't because it's a little bit far. Yes, it is but we sometimes walk to that restaurant specially when we feel that we need an exercise. It just took us 30 minutes on foot to get there. Not too far, huh?

Boribap (barley rice)

I don't like bibimbap much but going to Mt. Mudeung is not complete without eating boribap.

Since we were very tired climbing up the mountain so we've decided to eat boribap in one of the restaurants near the valley.

Here's the korean style food. They serve many kinds of side dishes in every meal.

Boribap is rice boiled together with a lesser amount of barley. It's placed in a large bowl and a selection of banchan (side dishes) is provided.

This too is mixed with the boribap in the bowl, then moistened and flavored with gochujang.

I like eating mine with some fresh vegetables.

Mu u

Muu is radish. I don't like radish much specially the smell of it. We bought this fermented radish together with deodeog when we went to Sunchang. I can imagine eating sweet and salty tamarind when i eat it. Hajuma said that this muu was fermented for three years. I think so.

I couldn't take the picture of the muu that we bought because as soon as we came home my mother in law cut it and put some sesame oil and sesame seeds before she left. And yes, this is radish. I'm also wondering what they put in it and how it became that color.


I don't what they are but they look like roots or ginseng and taste a little bit bitter. My grandmother always tell that they are good for our health and she usually buys Deodeog "더덕"(Codonopsis lanceolata) for us.

We went to Sunchang Gochujang with my mother in law and she bought deodeog and muu for us. I can say that this is the most delicious deodeog recipe that i've ever tasted.

Eventhough we went to sunchang, it was out of our plan to buy something. But hajuma who was in front of the store calling out the customer grab us to get inside the store and taste all the recipe that they've got. They serve us this. Hubby said that their deodeog is delicious so mom in law bought some for us.

Here's the deodeog that i am talking about.