Sunday, October 20, 2013

Famous Walnut Snacks

Whenever we go to my in-laws house which take about four hours drive, we usually stop over to resting area twice or three times to take a rest and buy something to eat. I usually buy coffee, dried octopus, and when I'm hungry and stopped at Cheonnan, I always buy walnut snack. Walnut snack looks like walnut with bean paste and some walnuts inside. Cheonan Walnut Snack is very famous in Korea. The walnut snacks in cheonan are the best, I think. They are also famous as presents.

Here's the walnut snack that is bought in Cheonan resting area. It's just 3,000 won (around $3). They are yummy no wonder they are famous. They are more delicious than other walnut snacks that I've tasted so far. When you start to taste them, you will never like the taste of the ones that are sold in the street specially downtown. They are incomparable.

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