Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Korean Snacks

Sipping coffee while watching TV at home is the most relaxing time that we can have. Coffee is more delicious with bread but I don't have any bread but I have some Korean snacks that my mother in law gave me. They are snacks that usually eat during special holidays like Chuseok or Thanksgiving Day and Seollal or Chinese New Year.

They are kind of pop rice but they are sweet. The ones on the left are soft and on the right are sticky and gummy. I don't like them much but they are worth-eating when you're bored or watching TV at home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spiced Boneless Chicken with Rice Cake

We are tired of eating the same chicken menu so we tried this spicy boneless chicken with rice cake from BHC. Our order came on the cup or small basin that it looks little but when you eat, it's just enough for three people. There's always left over when my hubby and I eat so I think it's good for three people.

The best thing for it is, there's no chicken bone so it's comfortable to eat. It's sweet and spicy and the rice cake is yummy, too.

Here's what the chicken look like. It has nuts and almonds that added the tasty taste of the chicken.

The rice cake is usually find under the cup so you can't see here in the picture.

My hubby said that he won't order this menu anymore but then we are always craving for it. I think we ordered this menu 3times a month.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hubby's Set Menu at Home

My hubby picked me up at work. He said he prepared special dish for dinner. It's a Course A Set Menu. I wondered what it was so when I came home, he told me to sit down. On his course menu, there is salad, fresh oyster and fried beef. It's my first time to try this menu in once. I'm worried that I can have a stomachache after eating this dinner. He even didn't give me rice.

The dinner was delicious but I felt hungry again after a few hours so I cooked noodles.

Thanks honey! I love my dinner but next time, please give me some rice. hehe..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yugpo or Jerked Beef

My hubby's favorite snack is Yugpo or Jerked Beef. He loves it that he can't stop eating when he starts to open the pack. Jerky is great with beer or alcohol but my hubby doesn't drink so he eats it with Cola. My hubby who doesn't drink alcohol likes eating expensive snacks and I don't say anything about it because it's better to eat snacks at home with me rather than to drink alcohol outside with somebody else.

Anyway, whenever we go to the supermarket he always checks the Yugpo and he really wants to eat but it's too expensive here in the Island so he's trying to endure not to eat but he couldn't. He went out one night and went to the supermarket alone and but this.

It's about $20. The price doesn't count as long as you see how happy he was while eating his favorite snack. hehe..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kubne Chicken

One of my favorite chicken brand is Kubne chicken or Roasted chicken. A chicken restaurant that serve roasted chicken. They don't use oil when they cook chicken so it's not greasy. My favorite menu is the Teriyaki Chicken with leeks or spring onions with sauce. Teriyaki Chicken is 15,000won or $13 and leeks with sauce is 2,000won ($1.8).

I already collected 8 coupons and I think it's better to order more so I can collect 10 coupons and change them for chicken. Anyway, look at this. Doesn't it look yummy?

That's my hubby with his chicken leg.

The spring onions with sauce and two kinds of chicken sauce. The spicy and not the spicy one. Of course the pickled radish always come when you order chicken.

The Paddalk Teriyaki Chicken. Yummy!