Tuesday, February 26, 2008

fruits and vegetables milkshake

When i was sick, my mother in law visited us. They brought us some honey and they told me to make this kind of milkshake in the morning. My mother in law said that this is healthier.

This is how i make it. Just put a half of apple, a banana, a little cabbage and calcium milk. And then blend it. That's already two glasses of milkshake which is just enough for the two of us in the morning. I think it is more delicious than any milkshake that i used to make.

I always make any of this milkshake in the morning. Strawberry milkshake, tomato milkshake, apple, banana, kiwi, etc. It depends on what fruits are available in the season. Since my mother in law came here and introduced this juice, it is now what i prepare in the morning. Try it and i'm sure you and your kids will love it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

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Friday, February 22, 2008


When we go somewhere and use the expressway, we usually stopped by at the hyugesu or resting area to go to the bathroom and buy something to eat. We usually buy juipo but last time, when we went to my inlaws house to celebrate the Seollal, we saw this small store selling teriyaki. I forgot the exact name but it's teriyaki something. They are expensive but delicious. Eight pieces for $3. They are made of octopus. Hubby bought it when he went to the bathroom. I just stayed in the car that time because it was too cold and i didn't want to go out. But after eating it, i went out and bought again.

I sometimes crave for it. Next time that we happened to dropped by there, i will surely buy it again. I hope it is still there. I'm just worried that it will be bankrupted because of all the stores, that teriyaki store has the less customers. I only saw one kid buying with me. Maybe because it is still new and people haven't tasted it, yet.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Eat well, live well! These are the words that i usually hear from Koreans. I like to eat food, don't you? I like trying new food. I never had any trouble eating new food even when it looks strange. Hubby and I like going to the restaurants and trying different side dishes. If we like the food then we'll become the regular customer of that restaurant. Beside travelling, we also like eating so if we are craving for something, then we sometimes search on the net to find a restaurant that serves that food.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

property rights

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Monday, February 18, 2008


Last night, we went to my sister in law's house and had dinner there. She delivered the baby and we brought something for her. On our way to her house, i sent a message to her telling that we our visiting her and prepare dinner for us. That wasn't my own idea. My inlaws and hubby told me to do that. hehehehe...(My inlaws didn't go to my sister in law's house with us because they had to meet someone.) She texted me back and said take care and she will order some food for us and told me to bring some beer so i bought 3 bottles of beer in the supermarket near her house.

When we arrived there, she asked us what we wanted to eat. Hubby said that he wanted to eat bossam so she ordered it. Bossam is meat eaten with delicious kimchi and some vegetables. What makes this meat delicious is the delicious kimchi. It is totally different with the normal kimchi serve during meals. Here's the bossam.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

bean paste

Do you have any idea what this is? It's ground beans or bean paste. I saw it when we went to the restaurant to eat daejigalbi. We were already heading home when i saw this beans hanging at the back of the restaurant near the parking lot.

I like bean paste soup. And i'm proud to say that i cook delicious bean paste soup. But i know my hubby is tired of eating this soup because i usually cook it whenever i don't have anything in mind on soup i should serve for hubby. My mother in law also agrees that i cook bean paste soup better than her. She also told me to cook it often because it's good for our health.

If you go to the restaurant, they usually serve bean paste soup, and this beans hanging on the roof is for preservation. I don't know how long will it take to preserve the beans but as you can see the beans is already too dried.

Friday, February 15, 2008

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

daechu: jujubes

These are daechu or jujubes or dates. This is what i put when i boil water to drink. Koreans never drink tap water so we always boil some water to drink. I used to put green tea but now because it's winter and we need to be careful in catching a cold so my mom in law told me to use daechu instead. She said it's much better than green tea. But jujubes are very expensive specially now that it is winter and Seollal. Luckily, i saw this daechu in mart it was on sale. Look, i got this for more than $12. Yes, that was almost 50% sale from its regular price. I can use this daechu for a few days. Hubby and I drink lots of water and i boil water almost everyday in the biggest kettle.

At first, i couldn't drink water with this daechu but i get used to it after drinking for several times. Now, i think it's delicious and feel strange when i drink water without daechu specially when i drink outside like in the restaurants.

Friday, February 8, 2008

best thing found

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

daejigalbi (grilled pork ribs)

After buying some fruits at the fruit market, my hubby said that he wanted to eat daejigalbi (grilled pork ribs). We went to one of our favorite daejigalbi restaurants. It takes about an hour to get there but it worth eat because that restaurants serve is famous of its delicious daejigalbi.

Except from the main dish, koreans always eat many dishes and soup during meals. So, if you go to the restaurants, expect that the table will be filled with different kinds of side dishes.

Because i was full, i was very sleepy so i slept when i came home. hehehehe...

fruit market

Today my mother in law came to my house again. She invited us to go to the fruit market again to buy some fruits. Because Chinese New Year is coming, everything is very expensive specially fruits. Before Seollal (Chinese New Year), most people buy fruits to give presents for their relatives or friends. Here's the market.

When we last went there, my mother in law bought us a a box of apples. Now, she bought us this tangerines. My mother in law wanted to buy the yellow ones because she said yellow are more delicious but i told her that yellow are imitations. They just put medicine to ripen them. I showed her why they are imitations and she believed me. I saw it on tv. Sometimes watching tv is good for us specially in getting some information.

It was already past 1:00 and we haven't had lunch yet so we decided to have lunch at one of our favorite daejigalbi restaurant to eat daejigalbi. It takes about an hour to get to that restaurant. Well, it's okay eventhough it's far because the food is worth eating besides it's gloomy Sunday so it's good to go for a drive.

trade show

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

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won the bday contest

Yahoooo...i won again for the birthday contest hosted by Joliber. I think he was attracted to my post because of the enchantment that i put in the hot and spicy chicken. hehehehe....just kidding! Although i didn't get the first prize but i'm proud to say that i now belong to the Mapiles.com Certified Partners. Oh, lala!

Thanks Joliber for giving my post a consideration and paying attention to my blog. Well, it's time to celebrate again so here's patbingsu for everyone! hehehehe..

my sports minded husband

My hubby loves every sports. He always watches sports games on tv and he knows all the sports news channels. What time they are on and which channel he's going to watch. That's why he bought our big screen tv so that he can enjoy watching the games. He also has an xbox where his cd games are mostly sports games. I used to hate sports but because of him i learned on how to like it because i sometimes watch with him.

He even wanted to go to other countries where the games are famous of. I'm sure he will love this site about rugby games. The interesting site for Europe's international rugby tournament leading by the 6 nations championship. I'm sure he will enjoy reading the news, check the results of the games watch the interesting games and see some pictures of his favorite players.

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juippo and squid legs

When we went for a drive last week, we dropped to the downtown because we were craving for this octopus and squid legs. But we were upset when we knew that they only sell this legs at night. Oooh no!

We were still thinking of the squid while driving in the county so on our way home we dropped by downtown again to get this legs.

Hubby also bought this juippo.

When we came home we rented a dvd and watch the dinosaurs movie. We slept while watching the movie. Although we like cartoons but this dinosaur is not fun to watch. Anyway, at least we enjoyed the legs eventhough we didn't enjoy the movie. hehehhe..

Friday, February 1, 2008

i need to save money

Most Koreans are good at saving money. Even the kids have already their own bank account. My pregnant sister in law already opened an account for her daughter although she hasn't delivered her, yet. There's a program on tv that i like to watch which they show some tips on how to become rich. One of them is to save money in the bank. I can say that we bought our own apartment and car by our own savings from the bank. The interest rate that we received was a big help.

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