Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cucumber for side dish

This is one of the easiest food to prepare when you are thinking of Korean side dishes. Did I mention that Koreans eat lots of side dishes every meals? So this one of them. You don't have to do lots of things. Just peel off the cucumber and cut the way you want it but I usually do it horizontally. I serve it with gochujang or chilli pepper paste because my hubby likes it with gochujang rather than bean paste which others prefer to eat with.

Enjoy the cucumber side dish the way you like it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Are eggs good for our health?

Are eggs good for our health? What can eggs give to our body? Cholesterol? Strength? Pimples? Smelly Fart? Anything else? Whatever! I just wanna say that I love eggs. Do you? I don't know when it started but I eat at least 3 eggs everyday. My mother in law told me that I have to serve eggs every meal because it can give us strength the whole day at work. Does it make sense? Even whe she won't say that, I really like fried eggs specially in the morning. Oooppsss... Pardon me! I don't have breakfast because I get up late but eating in the afternoon is like having breakfast.

I can eat 3 fried eggs and sunny side up is my favorite. I also bring egg sandwich to work. I just toast bread, spread jam and put an egg. Very simple isn't it? But I have noticed that my pimples appeared since I started to eat lots of eggs. Do my pimples have connection with the eggs? Well then, I hope I can slow down with eggs.

Oh, by the way. I usually buy a tray of eggs every weekend. A tray has 30 eggs and me and my hubby can eat them in a week. Are we egg-lovers?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can kimchi cure flu?

My niece who doesn't like spicy food has started to eat kimchi. Her mom told her that kimchi is good to avoid getting influenza or H1N1. I don't know if that makes sense but you know Korea is famous for its kimchi not only because of it's unique smell, savour and taste but also because it's healthy. It's good for our health so koreans believe that it can cure SARS. You already heard that, didn't you? puhaha...Now that the flu which is another pandemic disease is now hitting korea, where there are thousands of koreans who have the flu and there are hundreds of people who get the disease everyday, people are worried about it. So again, koreans think that kimchi is one of the solutions for this problem. If it can cure SARS, it can also do a special role in curing the flu. What do you think?