Saturday, April 28, 2007


There is this newly opened restaurant called nolboo near my place so i told hubby to go in that restaurant and have some kimchijjim - fresh kimchi is served along with big chunks of braised pork, that's been simmered for hours and some slices of tofu. What i like to it is that the kimchi is well-fermented and the pork is super-tender. mouth is watering while posting this.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Jang-o (eels)

My hubby knows how i like jang-o (roasted eel). One reason why we went to Seonunsa is because we were craving for jang-o and we found out that the restaurants near that temple are very famous of their roasted eels, and yes they do although they are very expensive.

We eat it by dipping in wasabi sauce or chogochujang, wrap it with lettuce and put garlic with bean paste.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tteokkpokki (Spicy Rice cake)

My hubby doesn't like cooking but he cooks delicious tteokkpokki. Tteokkpokki is popular korean snack or sometimes meal specially for kids. It is sold in the restaurants or street vendors. Here's what my hubby cooked.

Here's what i cooked with my co-workers when the students had a party.

Don't you think my hubby's cook looks better than ours? hehe...

gae jang (marinated crabs)

There is this advertisement in the elevator selling ganjang gaejang (crabs marinated in soy sauce ) and Yangnyum-Gaejang (Pickled and Marinated Spicy Crab). I like crabs that's why i invited hubby to go out and find that restaurant. We bought 3 ganjang gaejang for $20, actually they sell 1 for $10 but because it is take out so the owner of the restaurant gave us 3 pieces and we bought yangnyom gaejang for $10. By the way, the crabs are raw but yummy!

yang nyom gaejang

ganjang gaejang

ho-tteok (korean pancake)

Ho-tteok is a kind of hot pancake that is made from glutinous rice. The street vendors cook it by taking a small ball of raw glutinous rice dough and pressing a large lump of raw brown sugar (others use honey) and pound peanuts into the center and then pulling the dough around it. Then it flattened on a griddle into a pancake.

I was heading home when i saw this vendor in front of the gate of our apartment selling this ho-tteok so i bought 3 for $1.

There's still one left on the next day

so i thought of putting a slice of cheese on top and put it in the oven.

Here's what happened to the pancake. It doesn't look good but it tastes better.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Friday is our favorite day because we don't have to get up early the next day. We usually don't sleep on Friday night. We are busy on the computer, tv, dvd, or xbox. And because of this, we should have something to eat not only fruits but also snacks. We like munching some snacks even when it is late at night.

Oh by the way, that's my refrigerator for side dishes but i don't use it. I put the side dishes in the refrigerator. I have to save the electricity. hehe...

kimbap (korean laver rice roll)

We are not early birds and we always skip breakfast. So, we usually buy kimbap for breakfast when we go out. Kimbap is a Korean laver rice roll, similar to Japanese Sushi. Last time, when we went to Anmyeondo hubby's aunt made this kimbap for us.

sollongtang (rice and beef noodle soup)

Sollongtang or rice and beef noodle soup is always served in the hangari (an earthenware pot). For those who enjoy the taste of various ox bones, brisket shank and beef tongue you'll probably take the soup down with no problems or questions asked. The bone is cooked for several hours which make the soup white.
I like this soup specially in winter because it warms me up.

kelp (dasima)

Koreans are very aware of their health but i think everyone does but sometimes we are not careful with the food that we eat. Speaking of good health, me and hubby always eat kelp (seaweeds) after meal.

Just wash it very well, soak in the water for a few minutes and it will turn like this.

We love watching a tv program wherein they show the food that our body needs and gives nutrition to our body. One of these is kelp. At first, I couldn't eat it without chogochujang sauce because i imagine eating lady's finger (okra) but i get used to eat and now, i eat it even without sauce.

Nakkji (live octopus)

I can eat the raw crabs so i'm telling you, i can also eat this live octopus (nakkji). We ate this when we went to Jebudo Island. The octopus is usually dipped in chogochujang or wasabi sauce, and usually wrapped in lettuce with fresh garlic.


chogochujang (sweet and sour red pepper paste)

puchinggae (korean pizza)

Puchinggae is like a pancake with seafoods and vegetables and it's called korean pizza. It is served with a soy based dipping sauce.

When we went to Jaebudo, i was surprised when they served us this big puchinggae in the restaurant. I can say that it's the most delicious puchinggae that i've ever tasted.

Caramel popcorn

I love this caramel popcorn. I have been looking for this popcorn for a long time and luckily i found it at the convinience store when i was looking for something to eat while on the bus.

Ori backen (seasoned duck meat)

There is a restaurant here which is famous of their duck menu and once you have tasted their ori backen (seasoned duck meat) you can't even say a word and don't want to stop eating it. I have tasted the other menu but i think this is the best one. The tender taste of the duck meat and the sweet and sour sauce. I dunno if you eat ducks but you can't even noticed that it is duck meat because of its delicious taste.

Mul naengmyun ( cold noodles in broth)

Mul naengmyun or instant cold noodles in broth. "mul" means water, "naeng" means ice and "myun" means noodles. Yes, it's cold noodles and they even put ice when they serve it during the summer. I didn't wanna try it at first. It looks strange to see those ice floating on top of noodles but hubby told me to try it. I almost ate all when i tried to have a taste of it because the noodles was too thin and too long. I saw the waitress cut it but the noodles was still too long. Well, that was a good experience, wasn't it? hehehe...

The noodles in this picture is green not because of the cucumber but because it is made of green tea.

Juipo (Fish Jerky)

Another hubby's favorite snacks is juipo- kind of a fish jerky. It's tasty and i think it's also one of my favorites. Unlike beef jerky, juipo is more delicious when it is hot so we have to heat it in the oven or stove before eating it. We can also eat them plain or grilled. We love to eat juipo when we watch tv or dvd. When we go to the bar and ordered some drinks, they usually served juipo as pulutan (finger food)!

Yugpo (Beef Jerky)

One of my hubby's favorite snacks is yugpo (Beef Jerky). Because we are living next to emart, one time i dragged hubby there to buy something and saw this beef jerky on sale so we bought 10 packs. I'm telling you, they didn't last for a week.