Monday, January 25, 2010

How to keep the potato fresh

My mother in law gave me some potatoes. We don't like potatoes but I put some when I make some soup. It makes the soup sweet and think. We eat the soup but not the potatoes. Me and hubby are compatible when eating soup. We just the soup and leave the vegetables. So potatoes are always thrown out. I don't put potatoes in every soup that I cook. So a box of potatoes are too much for the two of us.

When I have much potatoes, they usually get rot so my mother in law told me to wrap them with newspaper. I wanted to complain but because I'm a good daughter in law, even when it's against my will, I have to follow her. Or else she would call me every now and then and ask If I already did what she said. To avoid those kind of phone calls from her, I did what she said and right! The potatoes stayed fresh in the refrigerator. It's sometimes good to follow what elders say.

Here's what I did. I wrapped each potatoes with newspaper and put in the plastic bag before I put in the refrigerator. You try and see the result.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coffee cup for free

Everything is expensive here in Korea but what I like the most is the freebies. I was shopping around in the supermarket when I saw this Maxim Arabica 100 Coffee where you can get 2 sets of a cup and a saucer for coffee. Oh yeah! Coffee cups for free? I love it!

My hubby and I are not coffee drinker. We don't drink coffee much. For me, a cup of coffee a day is enough. My hubby rarely drinks coffee. But I always buy a lot of coffee to bring in the office.

By the way, don't you like the cup? I have lots of cup at home but I always use this two when I drink coffee with my hubby. I think they are cute, aren't they? Anyway, they are just free. hehe..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Duldul Chicken

There are different kinds of Chicken restaurant in Korea. Most of them are franchise restaurants. BHC, Mexicana, Pelicana, Ajuker, Chokajip, Nene, etc.. are just some of the delicious chicken that I've tasted. Of course Kanpungi and Salad Mognun Chicken (Chicken eaten with salad) are excluded because they have different menu. I have tasted most of the chicken menu from different restaurants except Duldul (Two Two) Chicken. I'm not interested with the name so I don't think it's delicious.

I told you many times that we always sleep late so when we're hungry, we usually order food and sea food or chicken is what we always expect. My hubby was hungry again but he didn't wanna eat seafood or any chicken that I mentioned above. Then he said, how about trying Duldul chicken. I agreed although I didn't expect much. I'm just afraid that it would disappoint me again like the other chicken that we ordered when we try to another to another restaurant. But thanks I wasn't. It's also yummy! It's more delicious than some of my favorite chicken dish that I mentioned above.

Here's duldul chicken. The chicken came with delicious vegetable salad and spicy rice cake. Also with Cola and radish pickle like what most chicken restaurant serve when you order chicken.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Kitchen Utensils

I went to the supermarket without doing any shopping list. When I arrived there, I didn't know what to buy. I just walked around the supermarket and get whatever I wanted. I'm too lazy to go out when I'm at home but when I'm out specially in the market, I like doing the window shopping specially things at home. When I passed by at the utensils corner, I stopped and found this red things for the kitchen. I saw that I can make a set of red spatulas, etc. so I bought them.

I don't use them often except from the scissors because my old ones weren't sharp enough. They are just decoration. I still use the old ones but I put them in a place where no one could see. They are inside the cupboard. I just get when I use them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shabu Shabu

Last week, we went to Jeonju to watch the Korean Basketball League. We decided to leave early so we can visit some other places in Jeonju and have Jeonju Bibimbap for dinner before the game starts. But we couldn't find any Jeonju Bibimbap store so we happened to see the Shabu Shabu Restaurant. The Shabuong which is just in front of the stadium.

Shabu Shabu is not a kind of shabu, marijuana, maryjane or whatever that people think about drugs. It's a menu that is cook in front of you. A soup where you can put or soak vegetables and meat and then eat it with sauce.

After eating all the vegetables and meat, we put the rice (the bowl on the left) with fresh egg and kim (laver) and it made some nice porridge.

We also ordered Donkas or pork cutlet which came salad and noodles.

The restaurant, food and service was fantastic. If I have a chance to go back to Jeonju, I'm willing to visit that restaurant again.