Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yummy Chicken at the campsite

Again, we went camping on our vacation and we had chicken for dinner. We went to Waryong Natural Recreation Forest in Jangsu. It's too complicated to cook when it's dark so chicken is what we've thought. Is there more delicious than chicken? I know samgyopsal is what many campers bring like what we usually did but this time, we decided not to bring samgyopsal. So we decided to drive about 30 minutes from our campsite to downtown and bought this BHC chicken.

We brought it at the camp site and had it in the tent. Isn't more delicious eating chicken inside the tent? Hmmm...yummy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Set Menu at the Food Court

After taking a walk at the Flower Road, hubby and I decided to dropped by at shopping mall and supermarket near my place. We just walk around, bought some snacks and had dinner at the food court. We ordered set menu and bibimbap. In the set menu include pork cutlet, salad, soup and cheese spaghetti. It's not bad but not also delicious. Just good to obey your hunger.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outback in Korea

It's a special holiday today so we didn't have work. It's Election Day in Korea so we went out and cast our votes. After voting, we decided to go to Outback. Yes, there's also outback here in Korea. I didn't bring my camera with me but we have some leftover so we asked the waiter to pack it for us and brought it home. We ordered ribs and white sauce spaghetti. We brought the ribs and they gave us 3 more breads and butter. That's what I like the most in Outback when you have leftover. They always give you extra bread and butter when you asked them to pack something.

There are only two breads in the picture because I gave one to the grandmother that we saw in the street. We were heading home and the car stopped at the stop light. Then we saw halmoni (grandmother) pushing a cart with lots of cartons and boxes. Was also waiting for us to leave because we were blocking her way to cross the street. I gave her the bread and said thank you. She said said that she was really hungry.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Personal Loans

A friend of mine complains about her job. She said her boss is very strict and he always gets angry with her. She said she wanted to quit the job but she has to work for her kids. Do we really need to sacrifice ourselves for our job if we can't endure our bosses characters? Don't we have any choice but to work with them? I absolutely disagree with that. There are lots of companies who need us specially when we have good records in our current job. And for me, the best choice is to open your own business. Get your Personal Loans and you can start to work for yourself. You don't need your boss because you are the boss.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fried rice from my heart

Oh yes! I made fried rice for my hubby. It's not easy to make fried rice specially when you want it to be special. My hubby was sleeping while I was making this fried rice. I know it doesn't look good and yummy but it is made with love. I spent long time making it. I put lots of garlic and half onion, pork, and eggs. When I served it to my hubby he asked what it was. I said it was my special fried rice. He just smiled. hehe...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashion Footwear

I saw this program on tv where they show the ladies who collect shoes. Some of them collect more than a hundred pairs of shoes. They are just simple ladies who have simple jobs. They are not rich but they collected those shoes. They said it's their hobby to collect footwears. They said their love with the shoes help them on how to work harder because they have goal. Their goal is to buy the shoes that they saw in the department store. I couldn't understand them until I found the Fashion Footwear where you can see different kinds of beautiful shoes. You'll just realize that your heartbeat moves so fast because you have much interest in getting those shoes. You can't also understand me if you won't check them by yourselves. Ahh, I hope I can have at least one of them.

Girls, do you have any idea on what kind of shoes to wear on the party? If you don't have any, then visit this blog and you'll know about fashion footwear.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roasted Eels or Jang-o gui

Last weekend, hubby and I went to Gochang to see the Gochang Barley Plantation. It is included in our plan to have jang-o gui or roasted eels for lunch because roasted eels are famous in Gochang.
Here are the eels.

As you know, koreans always serve different kinds of side dishes when they have meal. Not only in the restaurant but also at home. So here's what they serve in the restaurant.

They also served the eel bones. I tried one. It tastes like eels but they too hard and crispy.

This is how to eat jang-o. It's up to you whatever you want to put in your vegetable with the eel. I put ginger, garlic, pickled onion, samjang (beanpaste) on sesame leaves and lettuce.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Korean Pop Rice

My mother in law asked if I like pop rice. I said not much but she still gave me this.

Isn't it much? My hubby and I doesn't have time to eat at home. We get up in the morning to have lunch and leave for work then we come home when it's dinner time. When we're hungry, we eat fruits and not snacks.

It has been two weeks now since she gave the pop rice so I tried to put some in the bowl and put it on the table. I was just bored so I thought of having some but once you start to eat it, you can't stop so I had much but didn't get full.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kimbap Nara

We walked around and on our way home, we saw a Kimbap Nara. It is a korean restaurant selling different kinds of korean food. It's specialty is kimbap, tteokpogi and noodles. If you want to obey your hunger and don't have much money, I recommend Kimbap Nara. You can have a good meal for less than five dollars.

Whenever I go out to take a walk, I always carry 10,000 won in my pocket. That's less than $10. Just in case that we want to drink something, buy snacks while walking, rent dvd and sometimes have something to eat when we are hungry.

We were going home when we passed by to the Kimbap restaurant and hubby saw the jujulmyeon on their menu written outside the restaurant. He said he wanted to eat jujulmyeon so I invited him inside the restaurant and ordered jujulmyeon for him and pork cutlet for me.

Jujulmyeon is a sweet and very spicy noodles with vegetables. And the noodles is chewy. It feels like your eating rubbers. I like spicy food that's why I can eat it but I can't eat too much.

With that meal, I still got change with my less than $10.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Duck Restaurant in SLow City Damyang

We went to Slow City (Citta Slow) in Damyanggun Champyeongmyeon. Inside the Village was a Duck Restaurant named Kab Eul Won (갑을원). It was lunch time so we decided to try their dishes. We went inside and the waitress asked if we made a reservation. She said the restaurant only served for those who made a reservation.

We waited after a few minutes she told us to come in and led us to one of the rooms of this kind of a house restaurant. While getting in, she said we had to wait because they had to serve those who made a reservation first. That's wasn't a big deal because we weren't hungry so we waited.

The restaurant has a nice view.

I can also imagine the life in way back time. See that black phone?

Enough for the restaurant because the i'm excited to introduce the food. We didn't wait that long as we expected. The salad and acorn jelly came first. Btw, when you go to korean restaurant, salad always comes first. It's not a dessert.

Next came the bulgogi

and side dishes. There were more side dishes like different kinds of vegetables

Then the duck menu. They served the food one by one. The waitress always checked if the food on the table has already eaten.

Then came the shabu-shabu. I thought the duck was the last dish so I felt a little bit disappointed. If it was then it's too much expensive for the price. But look! There's still shabu-shabu waiting for us so I felt relieved and thinking to come back again next time.

And the yummy korean rice! My favorite!

If you're planning to have meal in this restaurant, I think it's better to make a reservation first before you wander the area.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dunkin Donuts in Korea

Of course there are also dunkin donut shops in Korea. Last time, I invited my hubby to go downtown because I was craving for donuts. Because it's just few minutes away so we went there to find out that the store was already closed. The dunkin donut shop was changed to ice cream shop. My hubby wondered if the reason was about the news that they used ingredients that is not good for our health. He wondered if all the stores were closed because of that. After a few weeks, we went to the train station to pick up my in laws. They were tired so instead of driving, they took the Korean bullet train or KTX. I was so happy to see the dunkin donut store at the station so I bought 6 pieces of donuts.

No matter what they say, I still love donuts. And I'm glad that I found a store near my place. Yummy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cappuccino Coffee with Chocolate Syrup

I've just noticed that my hubby often asked some coffee now a days. He didn't use to like coffee but now he usually asked coffee when he's at home. So when I went to the market, I thought of him so I bought this hazelnut flavor cappuccino coffee and chocolate syrup.

When I came home, I made some coffee for him and pour some chocolate syrup. Hmmm..Yummy!

I also bought some bananas. I don't like banana much so I thought of putting syrup and I think I will start to like bananas because of the chocolate syrup. It's a good snack specially for kids. No need to cook and it's healthy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Make Chapssal Hotteok

There are lots of food in winter. Lots of delicious street food like tteokpoki, odeng, twikim, ppung-o ppang and hotteok. I like hotteok specially when it has lots of filling. Usually sugar or honey and peanuts or ground sesame seeds. It disappoints me when I buy hotteok with little filling. It doesn't taste good so I bought this chapssal (glutinous rice) hotteok mix.

It's better to make my own so I can put as much fillings as I want. Here's what I made. It's my first time so I didn't make much just in case that I'll make mistake. But luckily, they were good so I can manage to make better next time. They are not in good shapes but they taste great.

Let's make chapssal hotteok together next time. Here's how I make my own hotteok:
1. Boil small amount of water. Let it warm.
2. Mix flour and yeast into a bowl.
3. Pour warm water and mix well.
4. Cover the bowl with plastic and wait for 30 minutes.
5. Spread some on your palm, put fillings, and make a round shape.
6. When the vegetable oil is hot, put #7 on the fry pan.
7. Press it when it's brown.
(The fillings is included in the pack. It is enough to make 10 hotteok but because I like hotteok with more fillings so I added more black sugar, peanuts, and ground sesame seeds.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

How to keep the potato fresh

My mother in law gave me some potatoes. We don't like potatoes but I put some when I make some soup. It makes the soup sweet and think. We eat the soup but not the potatoes. Me and hubby are compatible when eating soup. We just the soup and leave the vegetables. So potatoes are always thrown out. I don't put potatoes in every soup that I cook. So a box of potatoes are too much for the two of us.

When I have much potatoes, they usually get rot so my mother in law told me to wrap them with newspaper. I wanted to complain but because I'm a good daughter in law, even when it's against my will, I have to follow her. Or else she would call me every now and then and ask If I already did what she said. To avoid those kind of phone calls from her, I did what she said and right! The potatoes stayed fresh in the refrigerator. It's sometimes good to follow what elders say.

Here's what I did. I wrapped each potatoes with newspaper and put in the plastic bag before I put in the refrigerator. You try and see the result.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coffee cup for free

Everything is expensive here in Korea but what I like the most is the freebies. I was shopping around in the supermarket when I saw this Maxim Arabica 100 Coffee where you can get 2 sets of a cup and a saucer for coffee. Oh yeah! Coffee cups for free? I love it!

My hubby and I are not coffee drinker. We don't drink coffee much. For me, a cup of coffee a day is enough. My hubby rarely drinks coffee. But I always buy a lot of coffee to bring in the office.

By the way, don't you like the cup? I have lots of cup at home but I always use this two when I drink coffee with my hubby. I think they are cute, aren't they? Anyway, they are just free. hehe..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Duldul Chicken

There are different kinds of Chicken restaurant in Korea. Most of them are franchise restaurants. BHC, Mexicana, Pelicana, Ajuker, Chokajip, Nene, etc.. are just some of the delicious chicken that I've tasted. Of course Kanpungi and Salad Mognun Chicken (Chicken eaten with salad) are excluded because they have different menu. I have tasted most of the chicken menu from different restaurants except Duldul (Two Two) Chicken. I'm not interested with the name so I don't think it's delicious.

I told you many times that we always sleep late so when we're hungry, we usually order food and sea food or chicken is what we always expect. My hubby was hungry again but he didn't wanna eat seafood or any chicken that I mentioned above. Then he said, how about trying Duldul chicken. I agreed although I didn't expect much. I'm just afraid that it would disappoint me again like the other chicken that we ordered when we try to another to another restaurant. But thanks I wasn't. It's also yummy! It's more delicious than some of my favorite chicken dish that I mentioned above.

Here's duldul chicken. The chicken came with delicious vegetable salad and spicy rice cake. Also with Cola and radish pickle like what most chicken restaurant serve when you order chicken.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Kitchen Utensils

I went to the supermarket without doing any shopping list. When I arrived there, I didn't know what to buy. I just walked around the supermarket and get whatever I wanted. I'm too lazy to go out when I'm at home but when I'm out specially in the market, I like doing the window shopping specially things at home. When I passed by at the utensils corner, I stopped and found this red things for the kitchen. I saw that I can make a set of red spatulas, etc. so I bought them.

I don't use them often except from the scissors because my old ones weren't sharp enough. They are just decoration. I still use the old ones but I put them in a place where no one could see. They are inside the cupboard. I just get when I use them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shabu Shabu

Last week, we went to Jeonju to watch the Korean Basketball League. We decided to leave early so we can visit some other places in Jeonju and have Jeonju Bibimbap for dinner before the game starts. But we couldn't find any Jeonju Bibimbap store so we happened to see the Shabu Shabu Restaurant. The Shabuong which is just in front of the stadium.

Shabu Shabu is not a kind of shabu, marijuana, maryjane or whatever that people think about drugs. It's a menu that is cook in front of you. A soup where you can put or soak vegetables and meat and then eat it with sauce.

After eating all the vegetables and meat, we put the rice (the bowl on the left) with fresh egg and kim (laver) and it made some nice porridge.

We also ordered Donkas or pork cutlet which came salad and noodles.

The restaurant, food and service was fantastic. If I have a chance to go back to Jeonju, I'm willing to visit that restaurant again.