Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jin Si Hwang Restaurant

My hubby was craving for tangsuyug (sweet and sour pork) so we went to the Jin Si Hwang, a chinese restaurant in Aewol-eup. We had a hard time going there because of the foggy area going to the restaurant(click here to know more about our journey going to the restaurant).

The restaurant has a good view and you feel like you're in another country (China) because of the Chinese environment. As we came in, a Chinese waitress greeted us. My She said that they only served buffet. We checked the food but there wasn't any tangsuyug so my hubby talked to the manager. The chef made a plate of tangsuyug for us.

We also tried their buffet. There was lots of food and lots of menu to choose from but it didn't match our taste.

Here's what we had from the buffet.

And here's the sweet and sour pork.

The restaurant is located in Jejusi Aewol-eup Yusuam-ri 1083. Call 064-799-8870 for more information.