Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food for Christmas

Are you ready for the Noche Buena? What did you prepare for Christmas Eve? Is there any special food that your country prepare during this day? There's nothing here in Korea so it's up to you whatever you want to eat for Christmas. We usually eat delicious food and there's no particular food to eat but most people buy Christmas cake.

Here's some food that I'm craving for Christmas but the restaurant that we've been to is too far. We visited some famous attractions last time and we saw this restaurant by chance so we parked our car and had dimsum and set menu.

Actually, we were looking for a kimbap restaurant and we saw one but in front of it was this dimsum restaurant. I already went inside the restaurant and waiting for my hubby while he was smoking outside. I was about to order food and then he called me on my phone. He told me to come out and then grabbed me in this restaurant. The food was cheap and yummy! If it just near my place, maybe we already been there many times. Too bad that it takes hours to get there.

Btw, for my Christmas food, I have a Christmas cake, made fruit salad and ordered pizza. I wish I could show you the pictures. I was trying to upload the pictures stored on my camera but I couldn't find the file again to download pictures. Aygu!

Edited: Here's the picture of cake and pizza.
Our Anniversary cake that lasted until New Year.

The pizza that we ordered on Christmas Day. We rarely eat pizza because we are not both fond of pizza.

And here's the left over. Would you like some?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can you eat raw fish?

During the summer, it's a little bit dangerous to eat raw fish. They said it's not good for our stomach to eat raw fish when it's hot. But now that it's winter, we can eat raw fish anytime we want. It was late at night and my hubby was hungry after watching the dvd that we rented. He looked at the menu for this month catalog of the restaurants near here so the seafoods caught his eyes. The restaurant is open until late at night so he ordered this.

The restaurant used to give lots of side dishes but maybe because it's too late so they just gave us some of the side dishes. That's okay though because we are only interested with the raw fish and not the dishes that we just have a taste and then throw away. The dishes that they delivered is just perfect combination of the raw fish so we didn't have to throw away much food.

Btw, can you eat raw fish? I couldn't before but after trying it for several times, it now tastes delicious. Why don't you try some. Do it several times and you can get used to it.