Wednesday, November 21, 2007

seng bibimbap

Bibimbap is one of the famous meals to koreans. It is rice seasoned with vegetables in a bowl. There are different kinds of ingredients they put for the bibimbap. Others who prefer sea foods like the one that has live octopus, others just put raw egg and the other one is fresh beef. If you don't like raw food, then you can just put rice and vegetables. Other restaurants serve the vegetables in different dishes so you can choose the vegetables you want to put for your bibimbap. Check this one that i made at home.

The one in the picture is called seng bibimbap. "Seng" means fresh, so i mixed fresh beef and vegetables in a bowl of rice. But it doesn't finish there. We also need gochujang for the great taste of bibimbap. hehehe...

More gochujang please! Yummy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

al ttang

"Al" means egg and "ttang" means soup. Alttang is fish egg stew with some intestine.
When we went to Gughwa in Gochang, hubby asked me what i wanted to eat, i chose alttang.

There is a program on tv that they show the restaurant that serve delicious and healthy food and we saw this restaurant wherein they serve alttang. We searched on the net and found this restaurant which is famous of its alttang menu. We found out that the restaurant was shown on tv several times so there were many people when we went there and we had to wait for 30 minutes because the restaurant was full of customers.

One time, hubby wanted to eat alttang and doesn't to wait for a long time so he called the restaurant to make a reservation. The owner said that they don't accept reservation because the restaurant is always full. Wow!

Anyway, here's the alttang that i'm talking about.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I like trying any food. I'm always curious about everything. I want to know everything that wonders me and want answers to all the questions that bothers me. That's me! So, with regards to food, i can't know the answer if i won't try it by myself.

I saw street vendors selling bondaegi in most places that i've been to. My mother in law said that it's good for our health so she sometimes offered me to eat some. She doesn't know that i already tried to eat it once with my eyes close, of course. But after trying it, i didn't realize that i almost ate all the bondaegi in a paper cup where they put when you buy some.

Bondaegi is pupa, an insect in the stage of development between a larva and an adult insect.