Saturday, December 31, 2011

Red Cabbage

If I didn't come here in Jeju, I can't know that there are also red cabbages. I was surprised to see red vegetables planted in the farm when I took a walk with my hubby. They look like red big flowers. When I came close to them, I found out that they are cabbages. It is full red even inside.

I told my hubby to have a taste of that vegetable so I cooked chicken legs. I just boiled the chicken legs and put some garlic, onion and salt. When the chicken is soft, I put the cabbage and boiled. Opppss.. The soup is red. The color is strange but it taste good. The red cabbage makes the soup sweet. It taste like potato but it's sweeter. The soup looks strange though. My hubby never tried the soup but he had much cabbage. hehe..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noodle Soup with Ham

I'm proud that my hubby is getting well at cooking. I think he's getting more interested in learning how to cook. He's so happy when he gets good result on his cooking. Actually, even when it doesn't taste good, I always say that it taste good so he will cook again and again. That's not a problem, I'm sure if he cooks many times, he will do better. Who knows someday cooking will become his hobby and when that time comes, I will be free from cooking! Yahoo!

Oh, look what he made. The noodle soup with ham! It looks so cool and taste great! First he makes the ham soup and put some vegetables then boil some noodles in another pot. When the noodles is soft, he washed it and poured some hot soup. Wow~ it's yummy specially in winter.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Steamed Squash with Meat

I saw this steamed squash with meat inside on TV many times but I don't know how to make it so I made my own version of it. First, I sauted some pork. I just cut the meat in bite sizes put a little cooking oil on the frypan, then put the pork, when it is brown, put some minced garlic, next sprinkled some ground pepper and put some salt.

Wash the squash gently and cut the top side and remove the seeds. Put the sauted pork inside the squash and steam.

Again some cloves of garlic on top then cover it.

Steam the squash with meat if you have steamer. If you don't, you can just boil it like what I did.

When the squash is soft, you put it on the plate and serve.

By the way, you can use chicken or duck for your meat instead of pork. It's up to you what kind of meat you'd like.

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's different

I know I have lots of readers here who are willing to know more about korean food. But let's change the topic for a while because I have different thing to share this time. I'm sorry to those who are under 18 years old because this one is not for them. Pssst... my post this time is a little bit naughty (whispering). I just hope that you are more than 18 years so you can read and view the links that I have to give you. So, are you ready? Are you over 18 years old? Then this site is for you either if you're single, married, separated, etc. Sometimes, if you feel lonely, it's not bad to view squirt porn. I think it's better than doing bad things outside. At least you can watch or do it by yourself. If you're with someone, I think it's not also bad to see it specially if you both have problems when it comes to sex. It's better to watch and learn something to overcome any problems that you are facing with your partner.

At first, I thought it was wrong to watch porno either on tv or computer. But if you're on the right age, I think it's not bad at all specially when you have trouble when it comes to sex with your partner. I found out that there are partners out there who got separated or have a secret love affair because of this problem. So, rather than doing it with others why not watch and learn this squirting with your partner.

Oh well, if you want to see more, then check Pssstt.. Are you also curious like me? Even, if you don't have any problem when it comes to sex with your partner, you can still click it if you are curious. Make sure that there aren't any children around you. It's much better if your husband is there beside you but again make sure that children are already sleeping when you open it. hehehe... Anyway, whatever your purpose of checking the site, I hope it could help you in good ways.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Raisins are one of my favorite snacks now a days. I used to hate them when I was young because they look like nose wax or dried mucus from the nose. We even teased when someone eat raisins because they are disgusting. But I started to like them when I came here in Korea and my hubby made fruit salad with raisins. There were leftovers so I decided to have some instead of throwing them away. I realized that they were not so bad at all. I sometimes buy some when I'm craving for raisins even when I don't make salad. Here's what I always buy when I go to e-mart.

They look good and taste good. They are not so sweet and a little bit sour.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Ganjang gejang is soy sauce marinated raw crab dish. Yangnyeom gejang or Spicy Crab is marinated crabs in gochujang (chili pepper paste). It is a dish which is made with raw crabs and a spicy and sweet sauce of chili pepper powder, and ground Korean pear, onions, ginger, etc.

We had dinner at the restaurant and before we left we ordered more and asked the waitress to pack it so we can take it out. Here's what we took home.

Yangnyeom gejang (right photo) is my hubby's favorite. It is sometimes serve in the restaurant and it comes with some side dishes when you order the main dish specially to barbecue or samgyeopsal restaurant.

In my case, I prefer ganjanggejang (left photo) than yangnyeom gejang. Ganjang gejang is delicious when you put rice on the top shell of the crab. It's yummy. It's one of my favorites. It's a little bit salty so it's better to eat with rice. Looking at the pictures make me feel hungry. I'm craving for gejang again.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Meals at Bangjangsan Campsite

We went camping in Bangjangsan Recreation Forest and here's what we had at the camp site.

We usually order chicken at home and bring it at the camp site and have it for lunch. So here's our lunch. Some chicken, eggs, hot pepper and kimchi.

We arrived at the camp site at late noon so we had lunch late. But before it gets dark, we decided to have dinner. And because we aren't hungry, we just had eggs, fruits and yoghurt. Our left over from our lunch and dessert.

I remember that I forgot to wash the dishes at home when we went camping in Hwemunsan Recreation Forest. At that time, I also forgot to bring dishwashing liquid. So, here I washed them at the camp site.

We don't usually have breakfast at home because we always sleep and get up late but at the camp, we have to sleep early and get up early. We are so hungry after getting up unlike when we're at home we always have midnight snacks but in the camp we can't because we are asleep at midnight. But it's still hard to have rice for breakfast so we just had bread and coffee.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Picnic with In-laws

Since we are living here in Jejudo, my in-laws came to visit us. First, my mother in law, next my sister in law and her family, then my brother in law and his family, and last my hubby's cousin and his wife. There are still coming on the list. It's a good chance for them to visit the famous place which is now one of the N7W. YES! Jejudo won the N7W that has just announced last week.

It's a little bit uncomfortable to have visitors but also enjoyable. We have to bring our visitors to some famous places. We recommended some good attractions to them and we guide them.

When we have visitors, we always have barbecue on the porch in a lodge that we are renting now. It's big and it's a great place for barbecue because there are lights surrounded to it. Well, here we are having barbecue. That's my hubby's hands cutting samgyopsal (korean barbecue).

My hubby again cutting sausages and my sister in law holding the plate.

We also had rawfish and maeuntang (fish soup) that my sister in law bought. She's also the one who cooked the delicious soup. She's really a good cook. I learned on how to cook from her.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boyeong Chinese Restaurant

After a few months of staying here in Jejudo, we finally found a good restaurant. Boyeong Chinese Restaurant in Hallim serves delicious tangsuyug (sweet and sour pork) and samseon champeong (seafoods noodles).

My hubby went to the supermarket and saw the signboard chinese restaurant. He got off his car and asked for a business card. The next day, my hubby called and he told them to prepare tangsuyug and champeong and we were gonna pick it up after 30 minutes. They can't deliver the food to our home because it's far.

After 30 minutes we drove to the restaurant and picked it up. Here's tangsuyug and champeong was still in the restaurant. The waiter forgot to put tangsuyug in the plastic bag so my hubby called and the owner said they would deliver the champeong instead. Good! Because it's a bother to pick it up again. Besides it was their mistake. Anyway, it seems like the boss is kind enough so they delivered champeong to our home.

The sauce. It looks and taste much different from most Chinese restaurant.

Here's the champeong. It was late but we were satisfied with the service. I think they intended to put much in the bowl and make it more delicious.

Hmmmm... the most delicious tangsuyug and champeong that I've ever tasted in Jejudo.

The restaurant is near Hallim Hospital (Hallim Pyeongwon). From Hallin Hospital, go straight and you'll see a bus stop. Across the bus stop is Boyeong Chinese Restaurant. You won't miss it! It's next to Hallacom 119.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chaesundang Shabu Shabu

I've been staying here in Jejudo for many months and most of the restaurants that I've been to don't serve delicious food. So it's better if you go to the franchised restaurants because you can make sure that the food is good. Unlike other restaurants who just served expensive menu but the food doesn't taste good. You will just be disappointed. They are just the kind of restaurant who served and say goodbye. Maybe they think that because you are a tourist, you can't meet each other again or even when they serve delicious food, you can't go back again, anyway.

Well, we decided to stay here for a long time so we are looking for restaurants who served delicious food so to make sure that the food is great, we usually go to franchised restaurant like Chaesundang. It's our fourth time to visit this restaurant and the waitresses already know us. They treat and serve us well.

If we go there for lunch, we order the Jomsim Teukson Set A. A well-being shabu shabu for only 7,000won each person. Chaesundang serves fresh vegetables.

Shabu Shabu is a menu where you soaked the fresh meat and vegetables on the boiling soup.

It's up to you which vegetables you want to put first. Or you can put all at once.

When the vegetable and meat is cooked you dip it with the sauce.

There's also some dumplings and noodles which is eaten after eating the vegetables and meat. When you're done with noodles, there will be soup left and the soup is used to make porridge. The porridge is served last and it's included in the 7,000won menu. It's cheap isn't it? I don't have the picture of porridge because even it's free, we didn't eat because we were already full and there was no place for porridge when I decided to take my camera.

By the way, the picture above is the Set A. The set B is "maeun bosot" (spicy mushrooms) shabu for 8,500 and Set C is "myeongpum hanu" is branded beef for 10,000won.

Chaesundang Jejudo is in Jejusi Nohyeondong 1042-5. Or call 064-747-3655 if you want to know more or visit for more information.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jin Si Hwang Restaurant

My hubby was craving for tangsuyug (sweet and sour pork) so we went to the Jin Si Hwang, a chinese restaurant in Aewol-eup. We had a hard time going there because of the foggy area going to the restaurant(click here to know more about our journey going to the restaurant).

The restaurant has a good view and you feel like you're in another country (China) because of the Chinese environment. As we came in, a Chinese waitress greeted us. My She said that they only served buffet. We checked the food but there wasn't any tangsuyug so my hubby talked to the manager. The chef made a plate of tangsuyug for us.

We also tried their buffet. There was lots of food and lots of menu to choose from but it didn't match our taste.

Here's what we had from the buffet.

And here's the sweet and sour pork.

The restaurant is located in Jejusi Aewol-eup Yusuam-ri 1083. Call 064-799-8870 for more information.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Teri Bake Chicken

When we bought Nanta Pizza, we saw that next to the pizza shop was a chicken shop brand named Gubnechicken. It's one of the famous chicken brand here in Korea so my hubby went inside the shop and asked for a pamphlet. The next time that we went to the supermarket, we dropped by to the shop and tried their new menu, the Teri bake chicken with crispy and fresh onion leaks and sauce.

The chicken costs $15 and if you want the leaks and sauce, you have to pay $2 more. I prefer to have the leaks and sauce. It's delicious. I tried different kinds of chicken menu with different brands and this Teri Bake Chicken is one the most delicious menu that I've ever tasted.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nanta Pizza

It was past 10p.m. and my hubby was craving for pizza. He looked for the number and ordered pizza. Actually, the pizza shop doesn't deliver until here in my place so hubby called to prepare the pizza and we picked it up. My hubby had 3 slices and I had one.

We ordered the cheese bite pizza with sweet potato mousse for only $10 at Nanta Pizza. Nanta 5000 Pizza is a korean pizza store that sells different kinds of pizza. You can have a pan of pizza for only 5,000 won around $5. I think it's where it got its name. But I don't recommend the 5,000won pizza. It's better to get the more expensive one which is more delicious of cours.

I love sunglasses

Koreans are not so careful when it comes to their things. They usually leave things when they stay in one place so they sometimes miss some valuable things. I think it's funny when they call at work and asked if the maids or cleaners found something in their room. Our honest cleaners sometimes piss off specially when there's nothing in their room because they may left their things somewhere else and not in their room. Like yesterday morning when somebody called me and asked if the maids found sunglasses and car key the day before yesterday. I asked our maids and they said that they didn't find anything which I think is true because they always tell me when they find something in the room. I called back the customer and said that there was nothing in his room. He asked me the telephone number of our maid and he said he would call her. I wonder what kind of sunglasses he had. Even when it was good, I'm sure it wasn't better than the Oakley Glasses, the leader in performance eyewear. Why was he so upset when he could get better sunglasses online.

Not to mention that he could get more discounts if he is a military or a policeman. But even if he isn't, the sunglasses are very affordable. It's hard to imagine that you can get great sunglasses for less than a hundred bucks. Besides, it is free shipping if you get more than $25. And to remind you, it's a "Same Day Shipping" on orders placed by 2pm(PST) from Monday to Friday.

I think the Oakley Frog Skins are the best. I love the style and they have different kinds of colors to choose from. I wish I could get at least five so I can change my sunglasses everyday in different colors. Everybody loves fashion and the oakley frog skins sunglasses are the best sunglasses for fashion. After seeing the sunglasses, I suddenly had the idea of collecting sunglasses because there are pink, blue, yellow, black, orange, etc. You check them out! I'm sure you will have the same feeling like me.

Don't deny that you don't want sports sunglasses. Everyone does! And from the Iconic Frogskins to the Sporty M Frame everyone wants a pair of oakley sunglasses, right? Not only want, I love them!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Makgoli is korean traditional drink which is favorite by old generations specially those who are living in the countryside. Sometimes you'll people under the trees drinking this alcohol which is made of rice. I don't drink but I like the taste of this alcohol specially when it's cold.

I first tasted it when me and my co-workers visited a temple and the restaurant was selling this kind of alcohol. We ordered it and each of us had a bowl of makgoli. I felt dizzy after drinking mine. One of my co-workers said that the drink is very strong and he warned the ladies not to drink it when with another man. hehehe...

Anyway, my hubby and I went to the market and we saw this makgoli. My hubby who doesn't drink any alcohol has never tasted it. I said it was delicious and it's because it's too cheap, just only a dollar a bottle we decided to buy and had it at home.

My hubby had tasted a little and he gave his to me. I drank 3 bowls and I drank the rest on the next few days. I had a bowl before I go to bed and when I feel thirsty. It's really cool and it obeys my thirst. I don't wanna buy anymore because I'm worried that I will be addicted to it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pork and Chicken Cutlet

We went to Yongduam Rock and we had cutlets for lunch. Chicken cutlet for my hubby and pork cutlet and noodles for me. We had it at downtown in Jeju City which is very close to Yongduam. It was a Japanese restaurant and there were many customers and the restaurant looks good and comfortable but we are not satisfied with the food. The cutlets are too greasy. My hubby said that they used dirty cooking oil. Not totally dirty, he means that in cooking cutlet don't use cooking oil for several times because it makes the cutlet taste greasy.

Anyway, it's not bad to visit the restaurant and try their cutlet. First, they will serve you this sesame seeds that you need to grind while waiting for your order to come. I think it's a good idea not to get bored waiting. It is use to add taste to your cutlet sauce.

Here's my hubby's order, the chicken cutlet.

And mine is pork cutlet and noodles. The noodles taste great. I recommend to try their noodles.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jajjangmyeon and Champeong

Jajjangmyeon and Champong are the famous chinese food in Korea. It is said that they are chinese food but they truth is, the food is originally from Korea. It's noodles and it's a kind of snacks to Korean and sometimes as meal.

Here's the jajangmyeon or black noodles.

When you order jajangmyeon, it is normal to order champeong or should I say, jajangmyeon is not complete without champeong?

Jajangmyeon is dry and champeong has soup. Champeong is spicy but jajangmyeon is not so if two people are going to eat, they always order jajangmyeon and champeong and they will share the noodles.

Jajangmyeon and champeong always come with onion and jajang sauce, pickled radish, and radish kimchi.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paypal Alternative

My hubby is thinking of a business but he doesn't know what kind of business he would do. We used to have a business but we gave it up because we couldn't leave it. My hubby and I love traveling so in our former business, we couldn't travel. Just last year when we decided to give up our business and travel in some Asian countries. But now that we are now back here in Korea, we are thinking of starting another business. A business that we can leave just in case that we feel like traveling to another country again.

As for me, I'd like a business where I can do it online. And wherever I go, I'd like to check how much money I earn so investing online is great for me. I think Merchant Accounts can help me with my plans. But first, I need to get free merchant account advice online to know what kind of account provider that I would choose. There are lots of merchant accounts so I don't want to be confused. I need to know about the Credit Card Processing Companies that can help me start a business. It's really hard to decide so it's better to get an advice with the experts online. Anyway, it's just free so I won't lose anything if I would try.

Well, I guess it's time to think about the PayPal Alternative.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chonan Walnut Snacks

If you happened to visit Chonan, don't forget to try the walnut snacks. They are kinds of bread with walnut and red beans inside. Even when you just go to another City, you should drop by at the resting area and have some walnut snacks. You can buy at least 3,000won (around $3).

Here are the walnut snacks that my hubby received from his friend. They are good presents for someone specially during holiday seasons, many people buy boxes of this snacks to give as a present.

I've already received boxes of this snacks many times. Mostly, they are from hubby's friends, relatives or from parents of my students.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My funny pictures

This is so interesting guys! If you love taking pictures and don't know how to edit them to make your pictures funny or look great, try this funny photo effects online. I'm telling you! You will enjoy it. It's so fun that I forgot that it's already too late to sleep. Can you imagine this cutie doll with some coffee and snacks? Funny Pictures

That pictures of coffee and snacks is taken by me and I used the photo funny effect so it looks fun and wonderful. Isn't it interesting? And look at the picture posted on the wall behind Mr. President. Again, that's the picture of korean snacks and the coffee that I had with my hubby.
Funny Pictures

Haha! Is there anything that is more interesting than editing your picture in a very simple way? Just click the design that you'd like and choose your picture on the net and that's all! Get your picture done.

And here's another one. I think this one looks like a commercial. A coffee commercial endorsing by a beautiful lady. It looks nice! I love it!

Funny Pictures

And now, I also love to make funny pictures online. It's great!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shabu Shabu

It's not a medicine but it's food. It's delicious food that Korean enjoy called Shabu shabu. It's a beef with different kinds of vegetables. First you boil the beef stock then put the vegetables like mushrooms, chinese cabbage, etc. and the beef.

When it is soft, you can get the vegetables of beef and dip it with sauce. When there's no more meat, you can put the noodles and dumplings.

And last, remove some soup and leave a little which is just enough for the rice and egg, then mix to make a porridge or fried rice. It's up to you whatever you like.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Duck Porridge

There's an interesting site online where you can get discounts to the restaurants when you buy online. Mostly, they give 50% discount. It depends on which restaurants are available on that day. Oh, it's not day, you have to check the internet at 12m.n. because the events starts on midnight. The restaurants changed everyday so you have to check out your favorite restaurants. Or you can just check out and choose the food that you want to eat. It doesn't matter when you want to go to the restaurant. My hubby said it takes about 2 months. So, if you choose the food and pay online, then you can go to the restaurant anytime. When you pay, you can just tell your name at the restaurant because they have the list of the people who ordered online.

It's our second time to use the groupon and we were happy with the restaurants that we've chosen. This one is duck porridge. It's too big for us. It's 3kgs. so even if we didn't have breakfast, we couldn't eat all.

Here's the rice use for porridge. After eating the duck soup, then we can make porridge. But the duck is too big so we couldn't eat the rice. I just had the seeds, chestnuts, beans, etc.

Btw, it's better to make a reservation before you go to the restaurant because some of them have many customers because of the event and you have to wait for a long time.