Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can you eat raw fish?

During the summer, it's a little bit dangerous to eat raw fish. They said it's not good for our stomach to eat raw fish when it's hot. But now that it's winter, we can eat raw fish anytime we want. It was late at night and my hubby was hungry after watching the dvd that we rented. He looked at the menu for this month catalog of the restaurants near here so the seafoods caught his eyes. The restaurant is open until late at night so he ordered this.

The restaurant used to give lots of side dishes but maybe because it's too late so they just gave us some of the side dishes. That's okay though because we are only interested with the raw fish and not the dishes that we just have a taste and then throw away. The dishes that they delivered is just perfect combination of the raw fish so we didn't have to throw away much food.

Btw, can you eat raw fish? I couldn't before but after trying it for several times, it now tastes delicious. Why don't you try some. Do it several times and you can get used to it.

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