Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kimbap Nara

We walked around and on our way home, we saw a Kimbap Nara. It is a korean restaurant selling different kinds of korean food. It's specialty is kimbap, tteokpogi and noodles. If you want to obey your hunger and don't have much money, I recommend Kimbap Nara. You can have a good meal for less than five dollars.

Whenever I go out to take a walk, I always carry 10,000 won in my pocket. That's less than $10. Just in case that we want to drink something, buy snacks while walking, rent dvd and sometimes have something to eat when we are hungry.

We were going home when we passed by to the Kimbap restaurant and hubby saw the jujulmyeon on their menu written outside the restaurant. He said he wanted to eat jujulmyeon so I invited him inside the restaurant and ordered jujulmyeon for him and pork cutlet for me.

Jujulmyeon is a sweet and very spicy noodles with vegetables. And the noodles is chewy. It feels like your eating rubbers. I like spicy food that's why I can eat it but I can't eat too much.

With that meal, I still got change with my less than $10.

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