Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outback in Korea

It's a special holiday today so we didn't have work. It's Election Day in Korea so we went out and cast our votes. After voting, we decided to go to Outback. Yes, there's also outback here in Korea. I didn't bring my camera with me but we have some leftover so we asked the waiter to pack it for us and brought it home. We ordered ribs and white sauce spaghetti. We brought the ribs and they gave us 3 more breads and butter. That's what I like the most in Outback when you have leftover. They always give you extra bread and butter when you asked them to pack something.

There are only two breads in the picture because I gave one to the grandmother that we saw in the street. We were heading home and the car stopped at the stop light. Then we saw halmoni (grandmother) pushing a cart with lots of cartons and boxes. Was also waiting for us to leave because we were blocking her way to cross the street. I gave her the bread and said thank you. She said said that she was really hungry.

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