Monday, December 9, 2013

Red Combo and Corn Pops Chicken

Weekend is Chicken day. We always order some food during weekend. Because weekend is rest day, I also want to take a rest and free from cooking so on Weekend, we always order food and what we usually order is chicken.

I saw in the menu book about the corn pops chicken so I ordered one. I just want to try it.

But red combo is one of my favorites. My hubby likes the legs but I prefer to eat the wings. It's more tasty because it has more spices than the legs. Because legs has more flesh and only the outside part of it or only the skin is covered with spices. Red Combo chicken composed of only chicken and wings. It tastes really good. It's hot and spicy but I love it.

Also, an order of chicken is just enough for us. It's perfect. I think because it's only legs and wings unlike when we order whole chicken, we always leave the chest part of the chicken. We don't like that part of chicken so it always goes to our dog. When there's no chest, my dog has a leg.

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