Friday, February 13, 2009

A time for ice cream

It's a Heart Day! Have you already bought a present to your loveone? What did you get? Roses? Chocolates? A ring? How about a gallon of ice cream? Do you think it is strange? I was planning to buy some chocolates for my honey (In Korea, it is the ladies who give chocolates to men.) but then I saw this ice cream store located in the mart so I bought ice cream instead. It's not my present for him. I'm just craving for my favorite ice cream flavor (strawberry cheesecake). I also bought some for hubby's favorite, the Almond Bon Bon. As you know, ice cream is more delicious in winter but I have to wear scarf when I eat it until I go to bed because I don't wanna lose my voice.

My hubby doesn't want me to buy chocolates for him. He said he used to like the chocolates but not now specially on Valentine's Day. I think so. Chocolates are not delicious on Valentine's Day because we see loaded of chocolates in the stores and most people in the street are carrying chocolates including children. Korean is surrounded with chocolates. We can smell chocolates everywhere. But because it's Korean tradition to give chocolates to your loveone so I'm still thinking of buying chocolates for him.

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