Friday, March 6, 2009

They are fresh and eaten raw

I always get some groceries at the mart and I've never been to the wet market. I trust the products specially the fish and vegetables because of the big sign in front of each shops telling that the food is all fresh. If you'll check out the date, everything were all pack on each day. The fish vendors always say that the fish were just caught in the morning which I really believed and trusted. But after watching the program on tv, I found out that most of them are just liar. They just change the pack and change the expiration date if they couldn't sell it on that day. They do it everyday until they could sell all even if it takes for a month. That's terrible!

When you buy something in the mart, they even say that you can eat them raw because they have just come in the morning. Among the more than 30 shops that have been tested, most of them if not all are doing the same thing. They even said that customers will just have a stomachache but will never die. Uh oh! Because of that, I never trusted the food in the mart so I'm lazy to buy something. Now my refrigerator is almost empty. I haven't gone to the mart for two weeks now and we have nothing in the refrigerator except different kinds of kimchi that my mother in law gave me.

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