Friday, April 10, 2009

Black Raspberry Vinegar Juice

Whenever my mother in law visits us, she doesn't come with empty hands. She always brings something for us. The last time that she came here, she brought this Bogbunja (Black Raspberry) vinegar juice.

We have to mix the juice with water 5-6 times the amount of juice. It is sour like vinegar but it is made of black raspberry so it's much more delicious than just a vinegar. My mother in law said it's good for our health. Whatever my mother in law thinks or heard that something is good for the health, then she buys and gives us. That's mother's love, I think.

The juice is good when we have a sore throat and it is drunk with either hot or cold water so it is good in all seasons. I drink it with hot water but my hubby prefer to drink it cold.

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