Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snails recipe

Have you ever tried snails? I don't like them much but they are one of my hubby's favorites. He likes eating this.

I started to make this dish when he treated me to a restaurant and he ordered snails. It was my first time to try that food. I got interested in learning how to make it because I saw how much he likes it. First, I checked every ingredients and I tried to eat several times to get the right taste. It was sweet, sour and hot and spicy. A few days later I went to the market and bought snails in can. Here's what the snails look like.

I cut the big snails into two, slice a cucumber and carrots, an onion, and put some sugar, vinegar, a little kochugaro (powdered pepper), 3 spoons of kochujang (red pepper paste), pour some sesame oil and sprinkle sesame seeds.

It's okay to make mistake at first and you have to get your taste. If you want sweet then put more sugar. That's what I always do. I know what hubby likes so I always don't follow what is in the recipe 'cause I have to follow my hubby's taste.

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