Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cheese and King-Sized Pork Cutlet

We came from work and I was so lazy to prepare lunch. You know when you're hungry everything is delicious specially if you see some pictures of pork cutlet. I saw an advertisement posted in front of our apartment so I took it and ordered two pork cutlets. One cheese pork cutlet for me and wang (king size) pork cutlet for my hubby. The packed and the texture impressed us when we opened it.

The first bite was okay but after eating several times, the meat is getting strange. Or maybe we were just hungry so we couldn't get the real taste of the pork cutlet but when our stomachs started to fill up, the taste was so strange. My cheese pork cutlet was bitter, I guessed the cheese was fake (I saw on tv that some restaurants are using fake cheese) and my hubby's wang donkas (king-sized pork cutlet) smells strange. The pork smells like stinky socks. Yuck~

When we started to taste and smell the strange things so threw it away. We'll never order in that restaurant. If I like the food in the restaurant, I always keep the business card but that pork cutlet restaurant, well, you know what I did.


emotera said...

too bad u've learned about it too late, just when you are about to have ur last bite. haha! naku nakakainis talaga pag ganyan. very entertaining post sis, have a great day!

Pain Management said...

i just wish that i can try it :(