Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can kimchi cure flu?

My niece who doesn't like spicy food has started to eat kimchi. Her mom told her that kimchi is good to avoid getting influenza or H1N1. I don't know if that makes sense but you know Korea is famous for its kimchi not only because of it's unique smell, savour and taste but also because it's healthy. It's good for our health so koreans believe that it can cure SARS. You already heard that, didn't you? puhaha...Now that the flu which is another pandemic disease is now hitting korea, where there are thousands of koreans who have the flu and there are hundreds of people who get the disease everyday, people are worried about it. So again, koreans think that kimchi is one of the solutions for this problem. If it can cure SARS, it can also do a special role in curing the flu. What do you think?

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Louise | Brochure Printing said...

If this is true, then Koreans must be really strong against the swine flu. :D
But you know, prevention is better than cure. Better take care of yourself before it's too late. :(