Monday, September 21, 2009

Are eggs good for our health?

Are eggs good for our health? What can eggs give to our body? Cholesterol? Strength? Pimples? Smelly Fart? Anything else? Whatever! I just wanna say that I love eggs. Do you? I don't know when it started but I eat at least 3 eggs everyday. My mother in law told me that I have to serve eggs every meal because it can give us strength the whole day at work. Does it make sense? Even whe she won't say that, I really like fried eggs specially in the morning. Oooppsss... Pardon me! I don't have breakfast because I get up late but eating in the afternoon is like having breakfast.

I can eat 3 fried eggs and sunny side up is my favorite. I also bring egg sandwich to work. I just toast bread, spread jam and put an egg. Very simple isn't it? But I have noticed that my pimples appeared since I started to eat lots of eggs. Do my pimples have connection with the eggs? Well then, I hope I can slow down with eggs.

Oh, by the way. I usually buy a tray of eggs every weekend. A tray has 30 eggs and me and my hubby can eat them in a week. Are we egg-lovers?

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