Thursday, May 26, 2011

My funny pictures

This is so interesting guys! If you love taking pictures and don't know how to edit them to make your pictures funny or look great, try this funny photo effects online. I'm telling you! You will enjoy it. It's so fun that I forgot that it's already too late to sleep. Can you imagine this cutie doll with some coffee and snacks? Funny Pictures

That pictures of coffee and snacks is taken by me and I used the photo funny effect so it looks fun and wonderful. Isn't it interesting? And look at the picture posted on the wall behind Mr. President. Again, that's the picture of korean snacks and the coffee that I had with my hubby.
Funny Pictures

Haha! Is there anything that is more interesting than editing your picture in a very simple way? Just click the design that you'd like and choose your picture on the net and that's all! Get your picture done.

And here's another one. I think this one looks like a commercial. A coffee commercial endorsing by a beautiful lady. It looks nice! I love it!

Funny Pictures

And now, I also love to make funny pictures online. It's great!

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