Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love sunglasses

Koreans are not so careful when it comes to their things. They usually leave things when they stay in one place so they sometimes miss some valuable things. I think it's funny when they call at work and asked if the maids or cleaners found something in their room. Our honest cleaners sometimes piss off specially when there's nothing in their room because they may left their things somewhere else and not in their room. Like yesterday morning when somebody called me and asked if the maids found sunglasses and car key the day before yesterday. I asked our maids and they said that they didn't find anything which I think is true because they always tell me when they find something in the room. I called back the customer and said that there was nothing in his room. He asked me the telephone number of our maid and he said he would call her. I wonder what kind of sunglasses he had. Even when it was good, I'm sure it wasn't better than the Oakley Glasses, the leader in performance eyewear. Why was he so upset when he could get better sunglasses online.

Not to mention that he could get more discounts if he is a military or a policeman. But even if he isn't, the sunglasses are very affordable. It's hard to imagine that you can get great sunglasses for less than a hundred bucks. Besides, it is free shipping if you get more than $25. And to remind you, it's a "Same Day Shipping" on orders placed by 2pm(PST) from Monday to Friday.

I think the Oakley Frog Skins are the best. I love the style and they have different kinds of colors to choose from. I wish I could get at least five so I can change my sunglasses everyday in different colors. Everybody loves fashion and the oakley frog skins sunglasses are the best sunglasses for fashion. After seeing the sunglasses, I suddenly had the idea of collecting sunglasses because there are pink, blue, yellow, black, orange, etc. You check them out! I'm sure you will have the same feeling like me.

Don't deny that you don't want sports sunglasses. Everyone does! And from the Iconic Frogskins to the Sporty M Frame everyone wants a pair of oakley sunglasses, right? Not only want, I love them!

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Mick said...

I would agree about the oakley frog skins, one of my personal favorites aswell, I have been looking at sports sunglasses so will take a peak at the link, thanks.