Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Makgoli is korean traditional drink which is favorite by old generations specially those who are living in the countryside. Sometimes you'll people under the trees drinking this alcohol which is made of rice. I don't drink but I like the taste of this alcohol specially when it's cold.

I first tasted it when me and my co-workers visited a temple and the restaurant was selling this kind of alcohol. We ordered it and each of us had a bowl of makgoli. I felt dizzy after drinking mine. One of my co-workers said that the drink is very strong and he warned the ladies not to drink it when with another man. hehehe...

Anyway, my hubby and I went to the market and we saw this makgoli. My hubby who doesn't drink any alcohol has never tasted it. I said it was delicious and it's because it's too cheap, just only a dollar a bottle we decided to buy and had it at home.

My hubby had tasted a little and he gave his to me. I drank 3 bowls and I drank the rest on the next few days. I had a bowl before I go to bed and when I feel thirsty. It's really cool and it obeys my thirst. I don't wanna buy anymore because I'm worried that I will be addicted to it.

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