Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live Octopus

Live octopus are famous for fingerfood specially when people drink soju. My hubby doesn't drink but it's his favorite. Not so many foreigners can eat live octopus but I do. I learned to eat them when I was working at the institute and my boss ordered some live octopus while we were drinking soju. Everyone was eating so I tried a piece of leg. The leg was still moving and I was a little scared to put it in my mouth but I tried. I just thought that I had to eat because everybody was eating. Besides if I would live here in Korea with my Korean husband, I had to learn to eat everything that koreans eat. So I bravely put the moving piece of an octopus leg in my mouth. It stuck on my tongue so I bit it many times but I felt that the more bite I did, the more legs stuck on my tongue so I swallowed it instead. Again, it almost stuck on my throat. I was scared but luckily after trying to eat some other food on the table, it went throughout my stomach. I felt relieved. Since then, when my hubby eat some live octopus I also eat with him and now I can eat as much as my hubby does. Sometimes I eat more than him because I heard that they are good for our health specially for the skin.

Here's the picture of live octopus that we had in my hubby's aunt's house. Hubby's aunt lives near the sea and everytime we visit her, she serves live octopus and raw fish for my hubby because she knows that they're my hubby's favorites.

Dip the octopus with sauce like salt with sesame seeds and sesame oil or chokochujang or vinegared chilli pepper paste.

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