Monday, April 30, 2012

Eye Treatment

Somebody called to my hubby and he said that he has to go to the police station. He wondered why then he found out that his driver's license needs to be changed. He asked everything what he needed to do and how much money does he need to get a new license. He was told to go to the police station and hospital to find out if he has a physical problem and the most important thing to be checked are his eyes. Of course most Koreans wear glasses and I think most of them have eye problems. My hubby also wears glasses but he hasn't worn them for a long time. Actually, I had a hard time finding them this afternoon because he said he might wear them to cure his eyes even for a short time. It's not surprising to Korean kids wearing glasses. I don't know what seems to be the problem is but I think it's because they study until late at night and they use much computer. And that's one thing for sure. They use computer much specially computer games. Some of them needed to get Lasik Eye Surgery. It's the best thing to do I know because glasses disturb their studies.

I think I also use much computer now a days that's why I feel that my eyes are also getting blurred. Sometimes tears suddenly fell down and it seems that they are dirty. Just in case that I can have an eye problem, I prefer to have a Lasik Surgery than to wear glasses or contact lenses. I just can't cover my eyes, they are my only assets.

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