Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bangujong Naritojip

When we visited Imjingak, my hubby said that the place is famous for jang-o (eel) and megi(catfish) so my hubby searched on the internet through his phone and found the famous restaurant. He called the restaurant and asked for the address so we used our navigation and found the restaurant.

It was surprising to see lots of cars at the parking lot and the restaurant is as gorgeous as a Korean palace. Click the picture to see the contact number of Ban-gu-jong Narito jip if you are planning to visit there. You can call and ask the exact address so you can easily find it just like what my hubby did.

It's huge but it's full of people that some of the customers have to wait. Here are the people waiting.

It seems like we reached the Korean traditional palace instead of restaurant but to our surprised, it really was the restaurant. As soon as we enter, a guy asked us what kind of room we needed, if it's a cool room (inside with aircon) or an open-air room (outside). We chose the room with aircon because it was too hot but I think it's also cool outside it was windy and there are trees outside.

My hubby ordered megi maeuntang (a pepper-pot soup catfish). He's not a fond of eel.

I'm sorry because I could only take a picture of our left-over. I just snatch it while leaving the restaurant. I was with my in-laws so I think it's rude to take a picture of the food in front of them.

Anyway, it's not only the restaurant is very nice but also the food. No wonder why there are so many people. The food was really awesome. Oh, and the free ice coffee, too. The ice-coffee is also great specially now in summer. You can have coffee as much as you can.

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